Industry Verticals READY for Artificial Intelligence in 2018

first_imgImagine what the world would be like if we could harness the multitude of data generated each day to catalyze positive change. What if we had the ability to predict and stop crimes before they happened, or could apply these same methodologies to save lives with better healthcare? Sound like the plots of many familiar movies? With recent advances in artificial intelligence, these outcomes are not only possible, but an exciting reality!As we move swiftly into this new year, media, analysts and just about everyone is thinking about what will be ‘the next big thing’ in technology. Looking back at 2017, this was a hallmark year for AI enthusiasm and awareness. More industries and organizations embraced digital transformation and have come to value their data as a critical corporate asset. Now, building off of that momentum, 2018 will be the year that AI adoption reaches critical mass among organizations and professionals!In speaking with customers over the past year, I’ve learned that many have already begun to experiment with machine and deep learning and artificial intelligence; some proactive customers have put AI-enabled capabilities into production, and nearly all are expected to make investments in the coming months. By the end of the year, we expect most enterprise customers will have one or more AI-enhanced services or products in production, and that the majority of smaller and mid-size companies will be executing AI technology evaluations and pilot programs (with some already in production as well).When deployed strategically, AI technologies equip organizations to derive actionable data insights across virtually all industries, including energy, transportation, education, research, entertainment, hospitality, and so many more. In 2018, we predict the financial services, retail, healthcare and life sciences, and manufacturing industries will realize quick results with human-machine partnerships. Why is this the case? Optimizing Financial DataFinancial services companies already possess vast data sets and conduct advanced analytics on business and customer trends. This expertise fosters an ideal culture for evaluating and adopting more powerful methods, as data becomes fuel for deep learning approaches. Artificial intelligence can be used to optimize all facets of financial data reporting, from risk assessments and growth projections to client satisfaction and fraud prevention. The ROI of attracting new customers is easily measured, and in 2018, these organizations can further improve performance by better understanding customer needs and reducing fraud and security breaches. As AI enables automated financial decisions at scale, it will converge with another disruptive technology, blockchain, to secure and validate automated transactions.Maximizing Profit for RetailersRetail has many potential uses for AI, such as understanding the target markets of products, improving advertising with personal information, and detecting fraudulent online purchases and theft in brick-and-mortar stores. Next year, these capabilities will increasingly become mainstream for small and mid-sized retailers. Dell EMC retail customers will continue to maximize profits by promoting offerings to the most likely buyers and predictively purchasing commodities by time and location. These AI-enabled successes set the foundation for future advances in retail operations, like implementing fully-automated customer support and autonomous product delivery operations.Standardizing Efficiency in HealthcareOne of the reasons I love working in technology and for Dell EMC is the ability to help our customers leverage technology to advance human progress. In no field is that truer than in healthcare and life sciences, industries that are often the showcase examples for the power of artificial intelligence.From the discussions we’re having with our healthcare customers, it is likely that in 2018, initial research projects will evolve into standard operating procedures. There is an abundance of image data for many medical ailments, like tumors, which is being used to train AI models to detect these conditions earlier and more accurately. Early results are so promising, that many healthcare providers will regularly use deep learning solutions to support the diagnosis of cancer and other severe conditions this year. I believe the impact of AI in healthcare will be both wide and deep; as healthcare records become progressively digitized and input into deep learning methods, they will help researchers understand health risks, improve detection and monitoring of conditions, and even predict health issues before they arise. That’s incredible progress! Moving forward, I believe that the era of personalized medicine will be furthered by pairing AI technologies with increasingly comprehensive and blockchain-secured data from IOT and other sources that complement lab results and caregiver observations.Reducing Cost for ManufacturersCost reduction is of utmost importance to the manufacturing industry, whether the costs of components, failures, or maintenance. The ability to predict global supply chain costs and customer demand, and intercede before they occur, runs parallel to the advances in the financial services industry I wrote about above. Embedded within manufacturing facilities and complex equipment are sensors that measure item productivity and environmental conditions that impact reliability and maintenance, like power, temperature, and stressors. Our customers tell me that they are already benefitting from this data and leveraging it to develop AI-powered models to predict failures before they happen and improve customer satisfaction. For example, customers can be notified when firmware updates should be applied or support should be contacted, among many other use cases.  Deep learning technologies are so powerful that we use it to bolster the reliability and support of our own offerings.To me it is clear – artificial intelligence and machine and deep learning will continue to grow as all types of organizations understand the incredible power offered by these technologies. That said, although revolutionary, the transformative results promised through artificial intelligence will not come without effort. To unlock the full capabilities of AI, organizations will have to do the heavy lifting of going “all in” on digital transformation, accelerating their computing methods, and embracing data sovereignty. It will be critical for data to be extensive collected, curated, and made available to all applicable uses cases.It’s About Knowing Where to StartAlthough artificial intelligence has been around for decades, it’s still difficult to understand and use effectively and requires the right expertise and technologies. Fortunately, Dell EMC is the premier vendor for data storage in the world, and we have decades of experience in managing data, enabling data analytics, and working with customers to design and deploy AI solutions for deeper insights. And, it’s about to get even better!In 2018, building on extensive work with customers and partners, Dell EMC will make simple AI solutions available to customers in all verticals. As we recently announced, our Ready Bundles for Machine Learning and for Deep Learning bring AI capabilities to the masses, including global companies, research labs, governments, and educational institutions. Our carefully designed, optimized, reliable, and scalable solutions integrate advanced processors, storage and networking technologies, and powerful AI-optimized software. These solutions simplify selection, deployment, adoption, and usage for our customers, thus minimizing the cost, effort, and frustration associated with DIY and public cloud solutions.AI is complex, but we’re focused on simplifying and accelerating the journey for customers and helping more organizations achieve its promise and potential in 2018. The revolution has begun, and we expect all businesses will use and benefit from AI-powered solutions as we close the decade. Dell EMC Ready Bundles for Machine Learning and Deep Learning will deliver these critical capabilities, empowering customers to innovate, compete, and change the world!Want to learn more about our thoughts on these topics? Read more about Dell Technologies’ 2018 predictions for artificial intelligence.last_img read more

Luxury home an hour from Brisbane has its own rainforest

first_img2969 Old Gympie Rd, Beerwah.The floorplan includes multiple social living areas on one side of the house, all of which boast high ceilings and polished timber floors. A formal sitting room and dining room overlook the front veranda, while the spacious lounge and family room have access to a fully-screened sunroom with stone tiles and private bathroom.Complementing these indoor entertaining spaces, the naturally-lit kitchen features granite benchtops, Miele appliances and tile splashback. 2969 Old Gympie Rd, Beerwah.Along with a two-car garage, the homestead takes advantage of ducted airconditioning, integrated sound system, 75,000L water tank and 5m-high five-bay machinery shed with power.About 32ha of land is fully fenced with four large dams, prosperous soil and a 3km rainforest riding trail. Perfect for horses or cattle, Coochin Park includes several grazing paddocks, open horse stables, concrete vet stall, grassed riding area, modern steel cattle yards and hardwood barbed wire cattle fencing. The property goes to auction at 10.30am on April 28 in Brisbane City. 2969 Old Gympie Rd, Beerwah.Elevated to capture northerly breezes and Glass House Mountains views, the single-storey homestead exudes contemporary luxury while maintaining a strong connection to its surrounding environment. A tree-lined bitumen driveway leads to the residence, which is encircled by lawns and established native trees.Lined with established gardens, the front veranda features an inviting entry with bar area immediately inside. More from newsMould, age, not enough to stop 17 bidders fighting for this home6 hours agoBuyers ‘crazy’ not to take govt freebies, says 28-yr-old investor6 hours ago 2969 Old Gympie Rd, Beerwah.Outside, another covered veranda looks out over an in-ground pool with thatched gazebo and rock gardens. A long hallway connects four carpeted bedrooms, home office and laundry with external access. Three bedrooms have built-in wardrobes and privacy shutters, while the main bedroom features a walk-in wardrobe and ensuite with double vanity and glass shower. The shared bathroom is appointed with a step-up bath and long marble vanity. 2969 Old Gympie Rd, Beerwah.ONE of the few homes open for inspection on Easter Sunday is a stunning 64 hectare estate with its own rainforest.If you’re passing through the Sunshine Coast, it may be worth a stop at 2969 Old Gympie Rd, Beerwah, to see the property called Coochin Park, which is open for inspection from 10am to 11.30am.The estate, which is being marketed by Melinda Martin of Ray White Maleny, has a five bedroom, three bathroom, seven car space executive home. Located 60 minutes from Brisbane, it has potential for additional income via eco-tourism and other ventures, according to Ms Martin. last_img read more

At long last, Humboldt State softball will get to play a home series this weekend

first_imgArcata >> Almost identical to last season, the Humboldt State softball team has played all of its first 10 conference games anywhere but at its home field.That, as the middle of March is almost here, is about to change.Seriously, this isn’t a drill.Following postponements due to weather, playing home games on the road because of rain and having a three-week break in between the opening season and its next slotted games, Humboldt State will finally get a chance to play a game within Humboldt …last_img

Keeping hay in the rotation

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest The challenges of making good hay are many.It requires season-long hour-by-hour weather watching, extensive time management skills, the equivalent of a PhD in engineering required to make even routine in-field repairs, and the patience under pressure of the most skilled surgeons when making said repairs with a rain cloud looming. Those making hay also need to know a good bit about chemistry, biology, agronomy, physics, and have the people skills of a top waiter at a white tablecloth restaurant to deal with an often fickle customer base trying to feed livestock worth more than most homes.At any rate, it ain’t easy making hay, but somebody has to do it. One of those somebodys is Mike Lutmer from Warren County. Mike and his brother Chris have been working with hay since they were young.“Currently, we have around 200 acres of hay. We also do some custom work. A majority of our hay customers have been with us for over 15 years. Warren County has over 6,000 horses, so we keep hay in the rotation due to the high demand. Also, not every field is suitable for row crops, so the demand for hay works to our advantage,” Mike Lutmer said. “We learned to bale hay from our grandfather when we were little kids. One of my fondest memories is tumbling the hay bales down the hay stack in Grandpa’s barn. Sometimes we tumbled with the bales.”The number of hay acres on the farm are subject to changes in the farm economy and the general economy.“When the housing market declined, the demand for straw decreased significantly. With the economic downturn, many horse owners also felt the same pain. Some of those individuals were no longer able to afford good quality hay,” he said. “People weren’t buying houses and they weren’t buying horses.”Most of the hay grown on the farm is a blend of alfalfa and orchardgrass, with timothy mixed in some fields.“We have about 50 acres that are mixed grass — fescue, orchardgrass, timothy and red clover that is used to make cow feed. There is nothing too hot, but it has a good protein and feed value,” Lutmer said. “The rotation depends — usually it will be corn-beans for several years and then we’ll put wheat in. When we take off the wheat, we’ll let it sit fallow for a few weeks. Then we will prepare to begin for our fall seeding of hay. This happens mid-August through the first week of September, weather permitting. Depending on what we want, we’ll do a 65% 35% alfalfa-orchardgrass mix. We will also grow straight timothy and a timothy alfalfa mix, depending on what our customers are requesting. Fifteen years ago, the timothy alfalfa mix was a hot commodity. Since then, the alfalfa-orchard grass mix has gotten more popular. Typically, we leave the stand in rotation for five years, but we have gone seven or eight years in the past. If it is getting thin at the four-year mark and we are getting weed pressure, we will take the first cutting and no-till soybeans in.“We no longer make round bales because a cow deserves a square meal. We run a New Holland big square baler that produces three-by-three-by-eight bales, and we also run a couple New Holland 575 small square balers with accumulators behind them. For our mower conditioner, we run a center pivot MacDon disc mower. We have two different rakes. We run a Krone twin rotor rake and a H&S wheel rake, depending on the conditions.”Maintaining a consistently high quality product is vitally important. Pests are not often a major issue with quality hay production.“We really don’t have many issues. If we do, we spray Warrior for leaf hopper,” Lutmer said. “You have to catch leaf hopper in the larvae stage and spray it, otherwise they will eat it and be gone. Since we have the mixed forage, we do not have a big issue with that or alfalfa weevil. When scouting fields, if we happen to see an issue we will make that field a priority. It will be cut first to try and control the pests.”Soil fertility and hay moisture levels are much more important for quality.“Every few years we will pull soil samples and add lime, N, P or K, depending on what the soil sample shows. We’ll add it after the first cutting, weather permitting,” Lutmer said. “We make sure the hay is baled at the best moisture to avoid problems with mold, that is one of the most important things for quality. We also try to keep good, clean fields. Especially around the outside, we’ll spot spray or mow if we have something like a bad patch of thistles. We have looked into it, but we have not used any Roundup Ready alfalfa yet. Then, depending on the moisture levels on our big squares, we’ll use CropSaver Hay Preservative from New Holland if it is anything over 18%. We use that as little a possible, but if the rain is coming and the hay is borderline, it will be applied to help keep it greener and keep it from molding. It also helps the palatability.”If quality suffers, so do customer relationships. Lutmer goes to great lengths to address any problems.“Dealing with horses is quite different than dealing with cattle. Horses do not have the ability to process moldy hay like a cow does. Therefore, horse owners have different concerns when it comes to the hay for their horses. We do everything we can to provide a high quality product and keep an open line of communication to know what they are looking for,” he said. “In the fall, we ask our customers how many bales they will need. That way, we can plan to have enough bales to take care of our current clients.”Most of the hay is then delivered.“We deliver over 90% of our hay. Sometimes it is a delicate balancing act, juggling all the things we have going on,” he said. “We are fortunate to have long term customers who work with us on delivery scheduling.”Hay remains an important part of the Lutmer Farms business, along with row-crop production and custom trucking. The hay certainly offers plenty of work and numerous challenges, but it also helps diversify income sources and provide many benefits to the other parts of the operation.“There is a yield benefit with the hay in rotation. Some years it is more beneficial than others. On average, we have seen a 10% yield bump with beans after first cutting hay. After years of being in alfalfa, the corn uptakes the nitrogen helping increase the yield,” Lutmer said. “Water quality and erosion are very important aspects of our farm. Hay production in certain fields enables us to keep our waterways clean and viable. The more soil health you have the better off you are.”Hay production often requires near super-human abilities, but people like Lutmer welcome the challenge, at least some days.“Some days, baling hay can be extremely rewarding. Then there are days when baling hay can test your resilience,” he said. “It may not be for everyone, but it’s something we thoroughly enjoy. The best scent of summer is a trailer load of freshly baled hay. Knowing that this trailer load of good quality hay is going to a satisfied customer, makes all the long hours worthwhile. We are always looking for that perfect bale.”last_img read more

Tata makes worker safety wearable available to competitors

first_imgOther industrial companies will be able to purchase Tata Group’s own wearable for factory workers, in a new move to boost the Indian giant’s hardware sales.Last year, Tata launched a wearable for its own workers to reduce accidents. It is able to track heart rate, temperature, movement, fall detection, and ambient gasses in the vicinity.See Also: Is Nokia growing into contender in emerging tech?Even though workers and unions were worried about Tata’s ability to snoop on workers at the start, both eventually caved in and the device is now quite popular in the factories, according to Tata.The wearable has watch functionality—apparently a popular feature for low-paid factory workers—and is built to sustain damage. It doesn’t do much outside of the workplace apart from show the time.A whole new revenue stream?The firm is hoping that with its almost ubiquitous brand identity in India, it will be able to sell the units to smaller factories. Miners and freight companies are two major industries targeted by Tata with the wearable. Although some targeted client industrial players may compete with the Indian conglomerate, the wearables focus could be an untapped revenue stream.“For these programs, we are looking at potential revenue of $1 billion and a profit of $100 million is possible,“ said Tata Group technology chief Gopichand Katragadda to the Economic Times. “Right now, our partner for go-to-market is Tata Communications. We are working on the pricing model. What might work in a B2B model is a monthly subscription rather than a certain price.“Industrial wearables and IIoT devices are starting to become more prevalent, as owners start to look for ways technology can reduce accidents and improve productivity. Related Posts The Ultimate Checklist on Ways to Prevent IoT D… David Curry 5 Industries Destined for Technological Disruptioncenter_img Tags:#factory#industrial#smartwatch#Tata Group#wearable How IoT Will Transform Cold Chain Logistics For… Electronic Design is Utilizing AI-Enabled Solu…last_img read more

Eleven Persons Receive Governor-General Achievement Awards

first_img The Governor-General said the awardees have used their talents to give back and help others, adding that they are ‘peddlers of hope’ in their communities, and were selected because of their acts of selfless giving and service to others. Story Highlights Eleven persons were presented with the Governor-General Achievement Awards (GGAA) for the County of Surrey on April 26 at the Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel in St. Andrew.They have been recognised for their contribution to their community and country.Speaking at the ceremony, Governor-General, His Excellency the Most Hon. Sir Patrick Allen, urged Jamaicans to be steadfast in their activities to create a brighter future for all.He implored members of the society to “take the necessary action and to embark on activities that will inspire our fellow Jamaicans, affirm our values and energise our people for voluntary service in building a brighter Jamaica”.The Governor-General said the awardees have used their talents to give back and help others, adding that they are ‘peddlers of hope’ in their communities, and were selected because of their acts of selfless giving and service to others.He reported that more than 920 awards have been presented to individuals since the programme was instituted 28 years ago.“Thousands of individuals and many communities have been transformed through the impact of the GGAA,” the Governor-General said.The ceremony was held under the theme ‘Inspiring and Energising Communities to Serve’.Award recipients between 18 and 35 years of age are selected based on their academic achievements, while persons 35 and above must demonstrate evidence of leadership through innovative and sustainable community projects that impact  family, youth and education.The GGAA was established to acknowledge the meaningful contribution of individuals at the community level and to celebrate the success of persons who volunteer, while highlighting the impact of the recipients on community and national life. The GGAA was established to acknowledge the meaningful contribution of individuals at the community level and to celebrate the success of persons who volunteer, while highlighting the impact of the recipients on community and national life. Eleven persons were presented with the Governor-General Achievement Awards (GGAA) for the Country of Surrey on April 26 at the Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel in St. Andrew.last_img read more

Montee Ball To Be Held Out As A Precaution

Wisconsin running back Montee Ball, who was beaten by five attackers near campus this week suffered a concussion and will not be healthy enough to participate in the opening of camp on Monday, coach Bret Bielema said.Bielema did not indicate Ball had suffered any long-term problems. He said keeping Ball out for a while would spare last year’s Heisman Trophy finalist hits that could exacerbate the injury. And it would give give other backs more repetitions in practice.Police said five men knocked Ball down as he was walking near campus early Wednesday. The men kicked him in the head and chest before fleeing.“My concern right now is for Montee’s health and well-being,” Bielema said Wednesday in a statement. “Montee has been released from the hospital and is under the care and supervision of our sports medicine staff. We will continue to evaluate him as we approach the start of fall camp this weekend. I do expect Montee to make a full recovery.”The Badgers open the season at home Sept. 1 against Northern Iowa and it is expected that Ball will be ready to play. He led the team in rushing last year with more than 1200 yards and was named the Big Ten’s offensive player of the year.Meanwhile, according to TMZ, Ball and several Wisconsin teammates may have been involved in a fight at a home several days before Wednesday’s attack, which may have precipitated the attack on Ball.TMZ said cops have been told Ball was at the home and along with some of his teammates, may have participated in beating up a non-football player.Of course, that theory leads to the idea what happened to Ball was payback for the earlier situation.Ball rejected that notion through Twitter, posting, “The report that I was involved in a fight is totally false.” read more