Reporters Without Borders activists rally in front of Olympic museum in Lausanne as Chinese Communist Party’s 17th congress opens

first_img News “We hope through this action to challenge the IOC and its president Jacques Rogge, who refuse to condemn the bad state of human rights in China,” the worldwide press freedom organisation said.“We have also contacted the IOC’s ethical commission but they replied that they can only be activated by Jacques Rogge himself. This lack of will on the part of Olympic bodies is worrying,” the organisation added.“For the past several weeks an icy wind has blown through freedom of expression in China. This with less than 10 months to go before the opening of the Olympic Games. How can the IOC and its ethical commission remain silent before such a heavy toll of violations of freedom of expression?” it asked.“More than 30 foreign journalists have been arrested and prevented from working since the start of the year. No fewer than one thousand discussion forums and websites have been closed since July. And a score of dissidents have been imprisoned for expressing themselves freely,” Reporters Without Borders said.Preparation for the Congress, a key event in the life of China’s sole political party, saw new restrictions slapped on all sectors of the press, Internet-users, bloggers, website managers, foreign journalists and defenders of freedom of expression.There has been an increase in directives ordering the media to use only reports put out by the official Xinhua news agency. The Publicity (formerly Propaganda) Department has ordered state-run newspapers to step up news linked to the preparation of the Congress and the activities of the leadership.Recently, five of the major official dailies brought out identical front pages, with the headline: “The 17th Congress of the CCP is set to be hot, hot, hot!” Next to it was the same article about Chinese leaders ordering a mining company to do its utmost to rescue workers trapped in a pit. The same photo of President Hu Jintao on a visit to Kazakhstan also appears on the cover page.Several dozen online discussion forums, including Ai Zhi Fang Zhou ( devoted to the patients with Aids, have been closed. The managers have been told that they will only be allowed to reopen once the Congress is over. Several hundred websites and blogs have been closed in the last two months.On the eve of the Congress, the Party has also spearheaded a campaign for greater morality in the media, which led to a suspension of several reality television programmes. The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) on 14 September quoted the fight against pornography as a reason to ban 11 radio programmes about sexuality. “Their content on sexual life and the effectiveness of medication for sexual problems was of an extremely pornographic nature,” the administration said. The SARFT also added that “films that were not suitable for children were also not suitable for adults”. Democracies need “reciprocity mechanism” to combat propaganda by authoritarian regimes Receive email alerts Help by sharing this information April 27, 2021 Find out more News China: Political commentator sentenced to eight months in prison to go further News RSF_en China’s Cyber ​​Censorship Figurescenter_img ChinaAsia – Pacific March 12, 2021 Find out more Activists from Reporters Without Borders today (15 October 2007) demonstrated in front of the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland, unfurling a giant flag in which the Olympic rings appear in the form of interlocking handcuffs. Activists from Reporters Without Borders today (15 October 2007) demonstrated in front of the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland, unfurling a giant flag in which the Olympic rings appear in the form of interlocking handcuffs.The demonstration marked the opening of the 17th Chinese Communist Party Congress in Beijing attended by more than 2,200 delegates, who are expected to give a boost to the leadership of President Hu Jintao whose period in power has been marked by a harder ideological line in the name of a “harmonious society”. Follow the news on China October 15, 2007 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Reporters Without Borders activists rally in front of Olympic museum in Lausanne as Chinese Communist Party’s 17th congress opens ChinaAsia – Pacific News June 2, 2021 Find out more Organisation last_img read more

5 key trends financial marketers must understand before 2020

first_imgWhile marketing has been rapidly evolving in form and focus in the past few years, the year ahead promises an acceleration of trends that will leave financial marketers and their banks and credit unions at a competitive disadvantage if they don’t keep up.The trends come from many disciplines, ranging from the multiple roles of artificial intelligence in marketing to the growing impact of privacy legislation and regulation to the increasingly sophisticated approaches and skills required to get the job done. Other trends overlay the others, such as the increasing transition to an “emotion economy” — one where the importance of product features and functions rank less importantly than how consumers feel about what a brand stands for on social and political issues.The trends reviewed in this article come from a broader report by Acoustic and eMarketer, and from commentary on the trends by Michael Trapani, Director of Marketing at Acoustic.1. AI will Deliver Best By Informing Human Decision-making and Carrying Out OrdersA modern marketing paradox can be seen every day in your own mailbox — both the one for email and the one for snail mail. continue reading » ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Sky’s the limit for alcoholic beverages in Iloilo City

first_img* for wine, champagne – maximum of four liters per person per day There is no more cap on the volume of alcoholic beverages that an individual could buy in Iloilo City. The mayor previously lifted the liquor ban on April 21 but re-imposed it the next day. It was a mistake, he acknowledged. “Various incidents due to intoxicated persons” promoted him to backtrack, according to Treñas. Also yesterday, Treñas adjusted the quarantine curfew hours. It is now from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m. from the previous 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. * for whisky, brandy, gin, rum – maximum of two liters per person per day However, drinking liquor in public is still prohibited, according to Mayor Jerry Treñas, and sellers should still not dispense alcoholic drinks to minors. Exempted from the curfew are those who work in business process outsourcing, warehouses and logistics (and similar businesses), ports, arrastre, food manufacturing, storage and preservation, hospitals, media, and other businesses or occupations that require employees to go to work after the curfew hours./PNcenter_img He issued Executive Order (EO) No. 080 regarding this yesterday amending EO No. 075-A that set the following limits: Buy all you can. Drink all you can. * for beer – maximum of one case per person per day He also cited “the many other important activities undertaken by our security personnel” and the “advice coming from various sectors.” “There were several reported incidents and complaints (of) abuse in (the) consumption of alcohol, and violations of physical distancing measures, hence the need to re-impose the prohibition on the sale and consumption of liquor,” according to Treñas. Treñas lifted the liquor ban on May 16 when the city transitioned from enhanced community quarantine to general community quarantine. However, he set limits on purchases, noting that some people tended to inebriate themselves to the point of becoming unruly or even violent.last_img read more

Farewell Test for Gayle would be utter nonsense, insists Ambrose

first_imgWINDIES bowling legend Curtly Ambrose has dismissed the idea of veteran batsman Chris Gayle playing what would amount to a farewell Test series against India next month.The 39-year-old Windies talisman was expected to announce his retirement from international cricket following the ICC World Cup. The big left-hander, however, seemed to have a change of heart during the tournament and targetted India’s tour of the West Indies as his final appearance.Never one to shy away from speaking his mind, Ambrose has flatly rejected any type of sentimental appearance for the opener.“Let me tell you something, one word; nonsense,” Ambrose said of Gayle’s plans for going beyond the World Cup.Despite scoring 7 214 Test runs, which puts him eighth on the all-time list, and notching two triple centuries, Gayle has not made a Test appearance for the West Indies since 2014.“He hasn’t played Test cricket for five years and he can barely make it in a One Day International, with long periods in the field. A Test match is five days, six hours every day and he hasn’t done it for five years,” Ambrose told BBC Sounds.“What kind of message would it send to one of the opening batsmen? ‘It’s a farewell game for Chris Gayle so sit this one out’ – that is utter nonsense,” he added.“He should bow out of this World Cup gracefully. He’s done extremely well for West Indies in world cricket, but you bow out. Move forward.”last_img read more

A’s top pick Kyler Murray makes decision on NFL Combine

first_imgOklahoma QB Kyler Murray has decided to attend the NFL … If Kyler Murray is actually going to be in camp with the A’s this spring, he’ll be taking at least a brief hiatus about two weeks into it.Murray is deciding to attend the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis later this month, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. The combine takes place Feb. 26-March 4 in Indianapolis, just 11 days after Murray is expected to report along with the rest of the A’s position players Feb. 15 in Arizona.last_img

Only Atheists Need Apply

first_img51; He’s a Christian, yes, but he is also a leading American scientist and a harsh critic of intelligent design.  He supports research on embryonic stem cells and upholds Darwin’s theory of evolution completely.  That’s not enough to get Francis Collins off the hook with the scientific establishment.  Both Nature and Science expressed “serious misgivings” with his nomination as head of the National Institutes of Health, even though as the able administrator of the Human Genome Project his scientific credentials have been exceptional.    Collins is open about his evangelical Christian faith, but his book The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief, “describes … how he reconciles this with the science of evolution.”4  He used Templeton Prize funds to start the BioLogos institute that discusses issues of faith and science.  His theistic-evolutionary views have drawn criticism from leaders in the intelligent design movement for embracing Darwinism from start to finish and scrambling Biblical theology.1  Collins’s view of theistic evolution leaves little room for God as an intelligent designer.  He remains at odds with intelligent design leaders.  In addition, he will be stepping down from BioLogos for his NIH term.  Leading Darwinists remain hostile in spite of all of these things.  Here are criticisms from Nature last week.2 NIH nominee draws scrutiny: Francis Collins is likely to face funding challenges – and criticism of his Christian evangelism.There are also concerns about whether Collins’s very public expressions of his evangelical Christian faith will affect his job.Steven Pinker, a psychologist at Harvard University, says he has “serious misgivings” about the nomination.  “Collins is an advocate of profoundly anti-science beliefs, and it is reasonable for the scientific community to ask him how these beliefs will affect his administration of the NIH and his efforts on behalf of the scientific enterprise.”Here are criticisms in Science magazine last week.3,4 Although few would disagree with a White House press notice saying that Collins’s work “has changed the very ways we consider our health and examine disease,” Collins does have critics.  Some question his support of “big biology” in the genome project portfolio—with timetables and planned targets—and some are concerned about his outspoken Christian faith.  He raised eyebrows, for example, when he recently launched a Web site, BioLogos, expanding on his 2006 book explaining how he reconciles his faith with the science of evolution.Although many scientists say geneticist Francis Collins will make a superb director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), not everyone is celebrating.A discussion about whether Collins’s very public religious views will influence his leadership of NIH played out on blogs early this spring and again in the past week.  There seems to be little evidence for such worries, but they persist.Richard Dawkins, the biologist and prominent antireligionist, feuded with Collins for mixing science and faith.This spring, Collins raised hackles again when he and several other scientists launched a foundation and Web site, BioLogos, which claims that it “emphasizes the compatibility of Christian faith with scientific discoveries about the origins of the universe and life.”One prominent critic, Paul Z. Myers, a biologist at the University of Minnesota, Morris, who runs the anticreationist blog Pharyngula, faults Collins for suggesting that altruism cannot be explained by evolution and instead came from God.  “Collins has got some big gaps in his understanding of the field of evolutionary biology,” Myers says.  In comments this spring on Pharyngula, others fretted that Collins’s beliefs could influence his decisions on topics such as stem cells and sex research.Jocelyn Kaiser, who wrote the two Science articles, might argue that she ended with quotes praising Collins and discounting the worries of the naysayers.  But her title, “Questions About the Language of God,” and the prominence she gave to the criticisms of Collins (all from prominent atheists), leaves a strong bitter taste of “serious misgivings” about Collins – or anyone in science who espouses Christian faith, no matter how accommodating to Darwinism it might be.1.  See, for instance David Klinghoffer’s blog entries for June 22 and July 8.  His views have also been criticized on Evolution News & Views here for refusing to dialogue with the ID movement, and here because he “handles Darwinism’s universal acid like baby formula.”2.  “NIH nominee draws scrutiny,” Nature News, Published online 15 July 2009, Nature 460, 310-311 (2009), doi:10.1038/460310a.3.  Jocelyn Kaiser, “White House Taps Former Genome Chief Francis Collins as NIH Director,” Science, 17 July 2009: Vol. 325. no. 5938, pp. 250-251, DOI: 10.1126/science.325_250a.4.  Jocelyn Kaiser, “Questions About the Language of God,” Science, 17 July 2009: Vol. 325. no. 5938, p. 250, DOI: 10.1126/science.325_250b.It doesn’t matter that Collins’s theology is incoherent, incompatible with the Bible, and that he would prefer the companionship of Ken Miller and Eugenie Scott over that of Phillip Johnson or William Dembski.  Theistic evolutionists like Collins are unclean.  They are not secular enough.  They don’t understand science.  Any remnant of Christian faith is a profession of “profoundly anti-science beliefs.”  People like this leave room for God (even eensy weensy teeny tiny corners in their world view for God to get involved).  That’s not atheistic enough.  The critics that Nature and Science quoted sound like a Who’s Who of God-haters: Dawkins the campaigning atheist, and Myers the foul-mouthed blasphemer among them.  Eugenie Scott and the NCSE will probably treat Collins like a useful idiot.  He can help their propaganda campaign with his charade about 100% pure Darwinism being compatible with religion (for those who need a crutch).    The Darwin-Only Darwin-Only DODOs show their colors as leftists.  You can spot a leftist by two traits: (1) they are intolerant while avowing tolerance, and (2) they are irrational while avowing rationalism..  They portray themselves as the sole spokespersons for a magic word that commands instant respect, whether or not their beliefs or actions have anything to do with it.  That magic word is science.  For a dose of historical reality, browse our online book.(Visited 13 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Cisco Jasper’s empire goes from strength to strength

first_imgRelated Posts Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Internet of Things Makes it Easier to Steal You… Tags:#Bright Box#Cisco Jasper#connected cars#Jul#KT#MyHonda#NBIoT#Samsung Follow the Puckcenter_img How Myia Health’s Partnership with Mercy Virtua… Cisco today announced at MWC that Cisco Jasper has completed live trials of NB-IoT on its Control Center connectivity management platform, making it one of the first IoT platforms to support NB-IoT. NB-IoT (Narrow Band-IoT) is a 3GPP-standard for LPWAN that is expected to drive growth of IoT at a massive scale, increasing the number of connected devices in excess of 3 billion by 2023.Supported by the GSMA, NB-IoT delivers a reliable, cost-effective IoT connectivity solution for low-cost devices. This is achieved by leveraging existing LTE infrastructure to enable lower power consumption while maintaining excellent coverage. Examples of industries where NB-IoT is expected to transform business models include smart meters, smart cities, smart parking, building automation, asset tracking, and remote agriculture.Cisco Jasper post-acquisitionI spoke to Macario Namie, Vice President Strategy at Cisco Jasper to learn more about the growth of Cisco Jasper. I was particularly interested to learn how the company has fared since its 2016 acquisition. According to Namie:“When we were acquired in 2016, our reach encompassed about 3000 enterprises which had about 17 million devices that were connected and utilizing the platform and those enterprises are now working with us via service providers or the network operators else which we had 35 partners at that time. Flash forward to today’s numbers. Really it’s been really fantastic. We’re now at over 9000 enterprises over 40 million devices growing at a rate of over a million and a half per month and have now reached a nice milestone that we have partnerships with over server 50 service providers.”Namie expanded on their growth:“This growth is a reflection of really two things. One is just you’re starting to see the maturity in the market and more specifically the cellular market where companies you know are starting to really trust their deployments and are starting to scale that up. And the second is we have maintained a very maniacal focus on our business and servicing our customers even while we became part of Cisco and very much credit Cisco for allowing us to do that and not get distracted with things that sometimes happen when you become part of a larger organization.”Namie also elaborated on their partnership with KT (Korea Telecom) which enables KT customers in Korea can manage their IoT services on a global scale from a single IoT platform thanks to Cisco Jasper’s partnerships with more than 50 service providers, which manage IoT devices across more than 550 mobile operator networks worldwide:“We’re now announcing the fact that we’re live we’re available for launch and so we’re really excited about some of the work there I think the Korean market has been arguably one of the most sophisticated and advanced markets in telecommunications KT has long been deeply interested in and investing in IoT and has been a presence in IoT events or things like mobile world congress. So to be able to pair us with some of the work that they’re doing I think is a fantastic result and will yield and open up the Korean market to international players who are coming in and making it just that much easier. So we’re we’re really excited about the relationship that we have with these guys and that puts us now at covering yet another market around the world. Every major market is now is now covered which is which is fantastic. I remember it didn’t seem that long ago that we had one and two but since then we made some big strides.” Cisco Jasper expands its reach in connected carsAlso announced at MWC, was a new partnership with Honda and Bright Box, a connected car platform for European Honda owners in Europe that provides services such as finding open parking spots based on GPS coordinates, and transmitting maintenance information to Honda. Cisco Jasper also revealed a collaboration with Jupl to provide a wearable mobile Personal Emergency Response System (mPERS) that promotes safety and wellness. The wearable device leverages the Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch and purpose-built software from Jupl to provide a personal emergency response device without the need for a smartphone.It’s easy to envisage a small company being gradually melded into the larger organization upon acquisition with a resultant loss of identity. Cisco Jasper was able to avoid this from the get go as Namie detailed:“One of the things that was part of the discussion was that we would remain our own business. And so you know we’re we’re not simply Cisco we’re Cisco Jasper and the entire team is intact,  the entire management team that joined Cisco in March. We haven’t lost a single senior leader and the charter remains the same. The vision remains the same and the mission remains the same.  everything just feels like you know we now have basically a financial sponsor and a helper and for the most part is business has fundamentally not changed dramatically. And so that help us right that helps us remain focused and make sure we stay committed to what we set out to achieve.”IoT is still in its infancyIt’s easy to forget that as a sector of technology, IoT hasn’t been around all that long as a commercial entity compared to its contemporaries. Namie agrees:”For technology as a whole, IoT is still very much emerging and very dynamic. And so you know if you’re if you’re in a small business or you get acquired by a large organization you’re there for a reason, you’re there because you have a skill set or an expertise that may not necessarily be present yet in the organization of the successful partnerships they’re going to be the ones for they respect their expertise and Cisco very much respects our expertise and our skills. And so it’s been a very, very positive experience.” Cate Lawrencelast_img read more

Space & Time Disruption: Understanding the PCS Experience

first_imgWritten By: Christopher Plein, Ph.D. West Virginia University and MFLN Military Caregiving Team Return to article. Long DescriptionFor most of us in civilian world, the promise of a new move brings both excitement and apprehension. The same can be said for military families.  However, what is distinct in the military context is that moving from place to place is not an option so much as it is a job requirement. The PCS process is necessary for force preparedness and flexibility.The report inventories the many different military-related and DoD sponsored programs and support systems that exist for families. Because of this robust system, the report does not call for new policies, programs and services, but instead concentrates on how these might be more closely coordinated and enhanced.  The military branches and the DoD have long embraced the concept of a “warm hand-off” for a family moving from one location to another, this report helps to highlight new opportunities for improving this process.The report not only sheds light on how space, that is moving across distance, affects military personnel and their families, it provides very helpful analysis on how families deal with the PCS process over time (pp. 20-25). The report uses survey data to show how service member and spouse attitudes towards PCS vary in the months prior and after a move.  The general finding is that stress intensifies in the weeks ahead of a move, but that families are resilient on the backend of the move.  This finding alone should remind us that families may have different needs and concerns throughout the PCS process.The work of the MFLN emphasizes providing support to those helping military families in transition.  Indeed, our colleagues in the MFLN Personal Finance and the MFLN Family Transition teams have hosted a three-part webinar series on the PCS process.  Their most recent webinar in this series focuses specifically on the Enhancing Family Stability during Permanent Change of Station report.The work of our MFLN Caregiving team also helps to complement our understanding of issues associated with moving to a new state and community.  For example, our various webinars and blogs on policies and systems across the U.S. contribute to our understanding how education, family, and healthcare services may be quite different from place to place.Across time and space, the journey can be exciting but also challenging.  A better understanding of the PCS process allows those who help military families to acquire new knowledge and resources. This image was purchased by MFLNMC from under member ID 8085767. This image was purchased by MFLNMC from under member ID 8085767. Return to article. Long DescriptionAs a professor, I am fortunate that I am able to rub elbows and interact with colleagues from many different academic disciplines. I am intrigued with the work of astrophysicists. Much of what they do involves exploring the mysteries of space and time and how it shapes our universe. Curiosity being what it is, I sometimes pick up a book or two on the subject.  Much attention is focused on the expansion of the universe. The big take away is that this movement, so to speak, is not always smooth and uniform.  Some explain that this helps to account for the formation of stars and galaxies. So clearly, some good comes out of this disruption.After a long cross-country flight spent reading about the cosmos, the echo of these thoughts remained as I read a recent report on the Permanent Change of Station (PCS) experience for military families. Produced by the Rand Corporation for the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness, the report, Enhancing Family Stability during a Permanent Change of Station, explores how PCS disrupts the lives of military personnel and their families.  This disruption need not necessarily be negative, but it does create challenges and stresses that are bound by both space and time.The report is provides insight on the tempo and dynamics of the PCS process. On average, in any year about one-third of active duty military personnel go through the PCS process and are relocated to a new assignment and community the report notes (page ix).  Another way to look at this is that the typical military family faces a move every three years or so.last_img read more

Parliament adopts resolution on Lokpal Bill; India celebrates

first_imgScores of people came out on the roads to express their elation over the victory of activist Anna Hazare, whose three key demands on the Lokpal bill were accepted by Parliament on Saturday.Sporting Anna caps, waving the tricolour and shouting slogans, people were seen heading towards India Gate.Some people were found to be dancing to the tunes of patriotic songs on roads, while some took out car rallies and processions.Many people boarded the metro to reach Ramlila Maidan where Hazare will break his fast 10 a.m. on Sunday. At the venue, people were applauding and singing patriotic songs.Anna Hazare’s home village Ralegan-Siddhi also broke out in celebrations on Saturday after the activist said he will call off his fast as the government had agreed to his three key demands.Villagers ran out of their homes as soon as the news broke out.”Anna is a national hero, he has achieved what many felt was impossible by a hunger strike and a peaceful agitation,” an admiring villager said in front of television cameras.Many people, including women and youths, danced in groups, while the men folk cheered and raised slogans in favour of Hazare. Similar celebrations were seen in Pune, Nagpur, Kolhapur, Thane and other parts of the state.Braving heavy rains, Mumbaikars managed to gather in small groups in temples or public places and flashed the victory sign as Hazare compelled the government to take the first concrete steps for a strong Lokpal bill.Anna Hazare with his associates at Ramlila Maidan”Anna has achieved what the people of the country wanted and he continues to remain safe and healthy,” Andheri businessman Rajeev Jain told IANS.Pooja Pujari, an executive with the five-star Hotel Trident Oberoi, said she was “thrilled by the victory of the people”.advertisement”Many of us had taken out a candle light march supporting Anna’s cause last week. We are happy our individual efforts have succeeded in achieving Anna’s objectives for a strong Lokpal bill,” Pooja told IANS.Praful Vora, the Mumbai coordinator of India Against Corruption, said: “Real parliament is the people, says Annaji. People are supreme and parliament is only an institution to serve them. This has been established again today.”Kiran Gavande, the secretary of Nutan Dabbawala Trust said that he is glad their efforts bore fruit. “We are glad that we supported Annaji by taking a break from providing tiffins for a day, a first in the last 120 years,” he said.”But we are now planning to celebrate by serving our customers with free sweets Monday,” he addedUnion Minister and former Maharashtra chief minister Vilasrao Deshmukh conveyed the “sense of the house”, including in-principle agreement on the three key demands of Anna Hazare on the Lokpal bill, to the activist at Ramlila grounds in New Delhi late on Saturday.Reading out a letter signed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Deshmukh said: “This House agrees, in principle, on the following issues for a strong and effective Lokpal – citizens’ charter, lower bureaucracy to be under Lokpal through an appropriate mechanism, (and) establishment of Lokayuktas in the states.”Soon after, the activist announced that he will break his fast at 10 a.m. on Sunday. Saturday was the 12th day of Anna Hazare’s fast.last_img read more