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domain name service provider is a prerequisite for

domain name and keyword fusion is to realize the most efficient rank based on


domain name and why can I fusion, for everyone to take a very simple example: if we go to school in this keyword, the domain name is ***shangxue***, under the same conditions, the domain name ranking is absolutely love Shanghai home before three, this is the result of countless stationmaster practice, also according to incomplete statistics and domain name >

maybe a lot of friends in the choice of domain name, PR domain name weight that is higher than the actual value of a domain name, we can see a lot of selling high weight, high PR domain name on the internet. It is undeniable that there are some effects of the domain name on a website development, but think: irrelevant domain name of an industry you re enabled the development of high and high

domain name selectionThe analytical speed and stability of the domain name selectionA good domain name

choice of the domain name is not a simple weight, PR choice, the choice of the domain name is the most important thing is to look at the domain name service provider, domain name, domain name, domain name speed stability keywords, which is selected based on a domain name, a domain name selection is not a simple random selection, the relationship between domain name to the final height of website development. The quality of the domain name you don’t need to take too much of the search, only need to enter the key to your website ranking in the front. Following the detailed talk about how to choose a good domain name.

The analytical speed and stability of the

no matter if the service is not good, then your domain name may do the wedding dress for others, it was in 2012 when I taobao贵族宝贝 took a fancy to a domain name, the price is very cheap, and the international domain name 100 compared to him as long as 30 yuan, so I registered a and the result? The site runs at third months, more than 400 of the flow of time, one day is found on the web has become another industry. Then to contact the domain name registration business, the customer service said I violated someone else’s domain name, how was I bought the domain name how to become my infringing domain, from this thing I understand that the domain name service provider selection is the premise of domain name choice, even if service providers have no choice, so it is wrong to choose our domain name.

domain name is the core of

Keywords ?

domain is the domain name selection window, now some DNS is very slow, the data is not updated in a timely manner, and the stability is more worrying, is the domain name registrar took the domestic famous for it, I believe that many owners also contacted, domain name a month will appear 2-3 DNS problems DNS, although we can be replaced, but the author seems stable DNS is a stable condition of domain name, as a qualified webmaster, you should choose a stable domain registrar and domain name DNS when we select the domain name, do not appear on the website the phenomenon of instability.

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