Chen Zhengjie over the past two years Shanghai Longfeng optimization phenomenon in depth analysis

1. quick

main site

(2) with a large number of Shanghai Longfeng beginners, they charge very low or even no charge, Shanghai Longfeng personnel for many years engaged in regular practices to optimize the site for a meal, so using the technique of cheating to well-known website optimization, this can not only reduce the effort also quickly shorten ranking time, also just in accordance with the special requirements for a month in the website main effect. The Shanghai dragon forum also appeared a lot of advertisement: "free optimization, few days". Why dare to promise the few days? Because these years engaged in Shanghai Longfeng staff knows better than those of Shanghai Longfeng beginners what is called the "cheat". Look at the love of Shanghai was founded, with thought-provoking words: love Shanghai more understand Chinese! When the Shanghai dragon personnel use the means of cheating to help the main site the site of the rankings do go up, over time or a few days the main site site is K, the main site not only money website no, but also a waste of valuable time and the development of the main site site time.

many site owners in Shanghai Longfeng personnel do optimization time, always with a lot of problems to the website of Shanghai dragon, which not only increased the Shanghai dragon staff more time and energy, also increased the cost of the website optimization website owners, when people see the Shanghai dragon website to the website main quotation the main site of Shanghai > too

3. web based not good

more and more people engaged in e-commerce, especially small and medium-sized enterprises to pay more attention to the network marketing, network marketing and in their eyes, perhaps only the so-called Shanghai dragon. So they went to the Shanghai forum for Shanghai dragon dragon personnel do optimization, at the same time in a month or even in a shorter period of time to a new website [] for a very large percentage rank on the front page or more front. Because they only considered as long as the website ranking will be able to make money as soon as possible up to do [in a word: ranking as soon as possible] instead of stable development and long-term development.

2. Shanghai dragon worker

(1) network marketing is more and more important, Shanghai dragon beginners more and more, but the Shanghai dragon did not experience what beginners, to website optimization task, anyway, fearless, he learned the theory by Shanghai Longfeng reckless operation, from the Shanghai dragon forum in the emergence of a large number of "Shanghai Dragon master" self-confidence "first rank, effective payment". Do you think your site can be guaranteed? So the website main website has become the last test the Shanghai dragon for beginners.

Hello, I am Chen Zhengjie. Engaged in network marketing also has several years of time. On site optimization market phenomenon deep feelings, especially in recent years, unhealthy website optimization market increased significantly. A web site is also higher than in previous years many more [site is down right, more sites are K] after the analysis, I draw the following conclusions:

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