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in the golden holiday is coming soon, visits to various kinds of tourism website after the holidays and then will enter a climax period. In recent years, China’s tourism industry and the constant development of the Internet technology continues to mature, tourist attractions and all relevant departments through the construction of tourism website, attracting more tourists to visit. But it is very distinctive, tourism sites are not throughout the year, 365 days will have high traffic, this period is divided into the off-season and the season, as well as a variety of golden holidays. So to do a good job in tourism website is not easy, so the tourism website how to optimize Shanghai dragon, in the tourist season, at the top of the rankings; or when the tourist season can also have access to stable development, a certain amount of? Then I will optimize the development from Shanghai dragon with several colleagues on the share of tourism website.

Dujuhuiyan identify keywords, long tail optimization characteristics to create

also because tourism has its own characteristics, with travel routes and travel very long-term or short-term travel, so.

increases the user experience to a new mode, promote the website of


for optimization is not only plays an important role in the tourism website, believe in other types of websites also occupy a certain proportion. So it is very important for the optimization of key words. But the regional and temporal keywords tourism website and other websites are not very strong, different time will have different places for travel, for example the user may want to go to Fuzhou tourism, if your website keywords only "51, tourism", will give users a huge amount of reading, this is not to retain users, you can create the characteristics of long tail keywords, such as "51, Fuzhou tourism", add the destination keywords, is the user wants.

since early 2013, the user experience in Shanghai Longfeng optimization in the proportion of the rise, even in the construction site of the individual has a dominant position. Therefore in order to make the tourism website increase traffic, in order to gain profit, grasp the target users to improve user experience is a key tourist site in Shanghai Longfeng optimization. In addition, the previous message board forum program and customer service to enhance the user experience of the model, we can also add some new models, such as quiz mode, it is the question model to imitate love Shanghai know and the third party platform, the user experience is very high, through using the method of question and answer, then in the Q & a planning set up quiz content, of course, is the answer can define their own keywords, anchor text can be added, this is a good opportunity for the website optimization. So to help the user to solve immediate problems when customer service busy, for the regular problems or are often used by user answers, we will sign the recommendation problem or to like the answer, this is also conducive to access and extract the next batch of tourist information users.

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