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then, Jane developed another personalized information software at the mobile terminal, referring to a product that is quite similar to Zite and Flipboard. The user can subscribe to the subject according to the subject


Jan net is currently developing products based on their "information genetic technology", one for micro-blog on nearly one hundred thousand topics, micro-blog, without manual operation, machine screening and publishing. In addition, personalized magazine subscription applications have been developed". The third products will be added to the user’s personal recommendation, forming a social organization platform based on reading interest.

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heavy asset mode hidden crazy car, put more and more large scale loss rate caused by more and more is also high, when the cycle continues to expand the scale of loss rate will be an astronomical figure, which means that with more and more investment, cost.

what is the sharing economy? Sharing economy refers to the right to the use of idle resources to others with institutions or individuals who get paid transfer of resources, transfer of share return, use share their idle resources to create value. But the shared economic phenomenon is in recent years as the Internet revolution of information technology especially the mobile Internet, big data and other outbreak began popular, its main characteristic is, including one created by the third party, based on the information technology market platform, the third party may be commercial institutions, organizations or government; individuals with these platforms, exchange unused items, to share their knowledge and experience, to the enterprise, or a creative project to raise funds.


by the end of 2006, 32 year old Ding Jun from Microsoft consulting department director of the Department of posts to leave, in 2007 established Jane net, the initial positioning is between advertisers and users of precision marketing intermediary platform. At the end of 2009, he decided to do a good job of solving the problem of personalized information screening in the explosion of information, so it took him one year to build a technology model. The company called the technology "information gene" technology within the company.

of course, v-mobile initially did not intend to produce their own manufacturing bicycles, but to make a bicycle industry travel platform like drops, like Uber. Mobell bicycle founding partner Wang Xiaofeng once said, "nobody love doing heavy asset mode." But soon, in the promotion of capital and competitive pressures, v-mobile ofo have had to rely on the single asset heavy model of their production, put their own bicycle rental.

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| Shen Lingli

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is the most fire China bike sharing economic phenomenon, the field has billions of yuan of funds of more than 30 institutional investors into the financing of innovative high, but have to say, this "bicycle revolution" launched by the v-mobile and ofo, in fact Never mind half dime and "sharing".

Jane net industry, micro-blog each is very vertical, a single account is not a million fans, but its release of information accumulated about 300000 times per day forward, covering more than 50 million fans. These tens of thousands of vertical information micro-blog are both "information gene" technology applications, but also to capture user interest and personal data portal.

as we all know, the essence of sharing economy is to integrate the idle resources on the supply side through the platform side. Its core is a kind of economy that can reuse the idle resources and maximize the efficiency. Shared economic connection, both ends of supply and demand, itself is the light asset model, and its profit comes from the management costs of both sides of the transaction. What we see now is those so-called "sharing bicycles", they are actually increasing resources, but it is a burden to society.

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2017 share the rapid economic development, the number of city bike sharing successive capture, v-mobile bicycle market share of record highs, a time sharing economy has become the focus of attention of Internet users. Sharing of rechargeable treasure, sharing basketball and sharing umbrellas and other shared concepts also entered the people’s vision.

core technology,


Jan net are different forms of "information gene" technology. First of all, Jane net to this technology used in micro-blog, the establishment of tens of thousands of vertical theme micro-blog, each account is released within 10 per day with gold content information, forming several vertical micro media.

net is "information gene" technology. The concept of semantic environment runs through the computer algorithm, and the quality score is used to establish the information collection model. An article in the information intensive and information cluster information between the maximal degree of coincidence is its central idea, but only "apple" two words, can determine the article that is a kind of fruit or company? "The semantic environment" judgment is to do this confirmation, to select the information with high accuracy. "; quality score is based on location information source and history information to calculate an initial value, which has a relatively high quality of the screening.

now, Uber drops, revitalize the idle resources of private cars to meet people’s travel demand; asset light Airbnb, pig platform, to allow more people to travel hotel in a stranger’s house; WiFi manneungyulsoi others by sharing the idle WiFi whenever and wherever possible free internet access, which effectively utilizes the cyber source and reduce the production quantity, router, cover a wider area with less construction of internet.

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think of this model,

uses self – developed "information gene" technology, Jane net found the application of exports: unmanned vertical theme micro-blog, and personalized reading applications refer to.

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