Talking about my webmaster’s Road

read a lot of webmaster articles, but also mastered a lot of knowledge, a little bit of my mind, so I applied for an account number, published personal thoughts. Because of the feeling, so that their pain and joy to share with you.

I am

from 2003 came into contact with the network, then heard through the network can make money, but I still don’t understand how utterly ignorant of, in the end to make money through the network, because the network is a popular direct marketing website, claims to be able to develop their own downline, look at those people in Pyramid like figures, is really attractive therefore, I also ready to, but in the end because no money to join, so it ran aground his dream to make money. But at that time I had made a call of the times news (they, they are free to join) the development of the assembly line, get some points, then cash into RMB, so I like the discovery of gold, work hard every day, was also part of the development of their own line, although eventually won 30 yuan. But this is my first half of 30 yuan revenue, however, I’m very excited, because I found on the Internet to make money.

for learning, one and a half years, have not had much contact with the network, after graduating from it by the end of 2006, once worked for others, useless, eventually returned to the original unit, the time has come to the beginning of 2007.

side had no contact on the Internet friends, everything can only rely on their own way, one day, when I find the Wangzhuan, suddenly found a good thing to make my life unforgettable (in fact is a liar website), the reason I say that is a good thing, because he inspired me, cause I walk on the road of the webmaster.

liar website says, get their advertising code, then let people to click on another forum and other popular high places, a 1 cents, when I saw this, I thought, bad music, I just have this blog resources, can make a lot of people on every day, so I was in they blog to the code, less than 3 of the time I had 500 dollars of the record, so I excitedly to our local bank teller, a two to three times, the bank card money growth is not a point, so I contacted the site and, of course, ultimately no news, I shouted, I was cheated, deceived me.

this cheater cheated me, I also have opportunities to make money through the network, through my analysis, if you want to make money through the network, the first to have a website should, then right ads on the site, as long as you can make money flow. That’s what I got after I was cheated.

time waits for no one. So I take the time to study at the site, through a period of time, have mastered the technology, of course, also created my first website, my passion is the virtue of their own, without any other reason. Apart from being my first site, >

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