The guest system deficiencies Decide on what path to follow

. CMS system did not have to say, all good. The CMS system based on strong brand effect, plus Taobao off the scenery and lively, you launched a real-time guest dedecms system, the latest version is 3.3. To this end, the author also plans to build a website for Taobao passenger Amoy dedecms system, although many people launched a guest, but I still think that as long as the good SEO, Amoy can still do. After choosing the domain name, keyword, bought space, begin to build website formally. But after a day later, I decided to give up a guest system, instead of using WordPress system. The reason is the failure to build success.

. Amoy is used in API interface of Taobao open platform or the platform. The API interface is arranged on the other options – dedecms system within the system, there is a little experience of the webmaster can fix. I did this step smoothly, and I was using the Taobao open platform API interface, which, according to officials, could speed up the call.

then is a column classification using Taobao dream guest module, this step has no problem, can be successfully established and call the data column. But there are three problems that can not be solved for a long time:

1, Ali mom’s PID settings. I added the article, and then clear the cache, after the update, enter the guest station, click on the purchase of goods, found that PID was not mine. I know that this is not the reason for setting up pid. In general logic, you should use your own API interface to be your own pid. But this logic does not work, do not know is the problem of Taobao or Baidu search. The problem, also cannot find the answer. The other from the official tutorial dedecms, PID set in the basic parameters, can be searched but could not find the background, I know this is not the corresponding system and tutorial after the upgrade of the system caused by the. But at least, you did not update the tutorial.

2, the use of templates. The use of the official guest reception template is basically modeled on Taobao’s front desk, and is in a Taoke folder, not directly displayed on the front page. In this system, and a separate Taobao mall promotion difference. Using third party templates does not solve the problem, and modifying templates doesn’t work.

3, URL encryption. Do Taobao guest do is SEO, which will link with no obvious traces of Taobao, Baidu and Taobao as everyone knows, the competition is very intense, a lot of Taobao led Baidu blocked off, so Taobao guest website is not encrypted, except Taobao Taobao marks, guest website is very difficult to survive, the risk is extremely high.

even though it’s not a problem, it’s not a problem. But for a do not understand programming Caomin webmaster, easier said than done. In view of the above three reasons, do not want to do too much time in the background, I give up. "

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