How to avoid the misunderstanding of website construction in small and medium sized enterprises

according to the relevant figures show that the number of Chinese enterprises have more than one million sites, many small and medium-sized enterprises have been aware of the importance of enterprise websites. However, the small and medium-sized enterprise website achieves the effect in the reality not to be optimistic. Business owners have doubts about the web site. "I know the Internet is very useful and it’s a web site, but it’s not cheap, but it’s not as good as it’s supposed to be."". We found that many small and medium-sized enterprises have similar doubts, and there are many mistakes in the construction of websites.

one of the mistakes: choose the wrong form of website construction

in recent years, due to the pressure of employment, many office workers in the website construction industry have entered the SOHO family, providing website construction services, and the number of employees in the website construction industry has gradually increased. At the same time, there are new network service providers to introduce self-help stations, intelligent station services, small and medium-sized owners of dazzling. With the domain name registration, space rental fees reduced, the cost of enterprise website construction decreased a lot, launched a variety of packages, dazzling. So small and medium-sized enterprises in the choice of the form of website, often do not know how to choose, when the custom website, wrong choice of independent station; sometimes self-help can be achieved, but spend a lot of money to custom website.

misunderstanding two: the establishment of website construction team

because most of the cognitive level of the enterprise network is not high, for now the company website of every hue outside is very difficult to distinguish, some small and medium-sized enterprises simply their own recruitment, establishment of website construction team, but the website construction planning, design to design, marketing, operations and other aspects, if the recruitment of these talents, cost expensive and often not small and medium-sized enterprises can bear, because many enterprises do half the staff opened, give up halfway.

misunderstanding two: site service provider level limited

because the average small and medium-sized enterprise itself does not have the specialized website construction team, therefore the enterprise website generally entrusts the specialized network company to construct. But the service level of the website service provider is uneven, and the service offered is very difficult to distinguish.

misunderstanding three: lack of long-term planning

many companies regard websites as a showcase of corporate culture. This position, in fact, does not reflect the value of corporate websites. Internet marketing experts generally believe that the most important function of enterprise website is to carry out network marketing. Companies spend money on websites, display images and corporate culture online, and promote the ultimate goal of branding, or reflect on the company’s marketing growth.

maybe for large enterprises rich, may ignore the "quick" purpose now. But for the vast number of small and medium enterprises, when the network has become an essential part of the general public life, the development of the Internet market will be an indispensable marketing approach. Network marketing "anytime, anywhere can do business" inherent advantages, is that many small scale, the strength of small and medium-sized enterprises are in fierce competition

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