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Adsense network held the fourth search engine optimization contest has ended, Admin5 BBS has also announced the "webmaster net fourth search engine optimization competition" results". The game lasted 3 months since the start of April 12th. During this time, the activities have received the attention and support of many websites and webmasters, and the competition has changed every day. I’m not in excellent contest, but has been concerned about the development of the game, but also to realize some of the feelings.

to do a person, do a station

we often have competitions around, but not every time. Even if we participate in the competition, we may not be able to finish the whole game. The Bo excellent game, many people catch the excellent lively opening, but does not follow the pace of the game will end their journey. The excellent match lasted 3 months, the time span is relatively large, some people a bad ending. In fact, this is the mentality of the problem. Apart from search engine optimization is not immediate, it takes time to see the effect, the game takes longer time to speak; any longer time competition is to test the endurance and persistence of competitors.

we often see some games around us, some of them are long, months or even years, and this is a test for the participants. The excellent results after the announcement, some friends regret to say, because too busy, entered the competition, not how investment intentions, carefully complete the game without. In fact, whether it is the game, other games are life or later, should from start to finish, once started to do well, leaving no regrets about the results. Do a person, also do a a station.

Man proposes, God disposes.

some people say that the Bo excellent contest is not fair, a lot of people hard to do friends chain, write the original, when not as some people at the end of the race to buy lots of links, or by improper way of black chain, the ranking of cheating. In fact, any one game can do absolutely fair, the competition organized by A5 also exist similar problems, this is the race organizers and participants are unwilling to see, but unfortunately, so far still can not solve this problem. When they saw the result of the competition, many people expressed their regret, but they did not seem to receive the corresponding reward. Some of them took the shortcut and won the reward. Another angle to consider also shows that search engine optimization, the chain is very important, with a huge chain of data, you can get good rankings, good results. No wonder SEO experts often say, do optimization is hard to do the chain.

, as a contestant, has limited strength. He can only do as much as he can, and try his best to show his best. We can improve ourselves, but can not suppress others; we can decide what kind of made, but can not determine the result is what kind of, so, in the face of such a result, we can only use an optimistic attitude to deal with, Tata >

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