Website revision notes and actual effect analysis

we have 21 websites of 15 languages in the early 2012 Revision Test, how to reduce the flow loss minimum is always a difficult job in the website relaunch, especially above the site traffic is from the 50% to the natural search engine. Shenzhen hot SEO network company will correct interpretation of how to operate a new website in order to minimize the loss for you, here to make a comparison:

website A lost 34% of search traffic

website B lost 4% of search traffic

, according to the following steps, will give you more confidence in how to run a new version of the site.

after the revision of the original site, Google spider crawling produced thousands of errors, as shown in the following report:


404 error page generated during the same period:


The first step is to find out the

to eliminate the above error on each page of the chain, this work takes a lot of time, may require special arrangements for staff to detect. But in order to solve this important task, it is worthwhile to do so.

online before

re mapping, for example:

chain URL


301 redirect to all links in new website is very important.

maps all the URL, then generates the sitemap file for the new version of

the simple step is:

• mapping Url pays equal attention to directional

submit site map

• eliminate errors in Google site management tools

• Google Analytics (Google analysis) to monitor site traffic

site operations,

when the site is revised and run, 301 redirects start to work, re submit site maps to major search engines, and monitor search traffic.

How does

redesign its website,


is the following comparison, a full consideration of the operation of SEO optimization results, and the other just did not do similar work.

website A

when the website is revised, you may often encounter problems you have never thought of. The new version of the site on-line time is 12 years, June 14th:

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