Mou Changqing talk about the experience of doing cross links

review this year to do their own promotional work, found that the most done is SEO, in order to SEO naturally do a lot of links, whether it is the company’s Web site or its own web site. In previous articles, I also mentioned the role of links to SEO or how to make links. But I haven’t written an article about the experience of friendship link. I believe this is also the topic that many friends care about.

this year, you contact, communicate and exchange links may have about more than 1500. Just before the company, in just 3 months time, changed nearly 1000 links, in which cross connection may account for 70%. Later, webmaster navigation and personal blog also changed hundreds of links.

online describes how to do links to the article, in fact quite a lot, but the introduction of cross links seems very small, and many friends do not understand what is cross links. Today I will introduce to you, what is cross links, why cross links, how to do cross links?.

1: what is cross linked


form 1: cross links between three websites

you have the A website and the B website, find each other’s C website links. You link each other’s C site with A, and let the other’s C site link to your B site.

form 2: cross links between four websites

you have A and B sites, and links to the other C web site D. You use A to link each other’s D sites, and the other’s C site links to your B site. This is also a form of cross linking.

two: why cross link


situation, 1: promotion, new station PR value

you launched a new B site, want to quickly enhance the PR value of the B site, but the B site PR is too low, no one willing to change, so you have to use the PR value A site. Help B website link back, so as to enhance the PR value of B website.

situation 2: optimize key sites or channels

you have A website and B website is old station, PR value is not low also. But the B site is more business to you, and you can make more money if you can optimize it better. However, the light passes through the B website to exchange links, and the amount is limited. At this point, you need the A website to help the B website go out and exchange more links back.

three: make some notes about cross links

1: willing to do cross link webmaster, rarely

many webmaster because cross links are not familiar with, also inconvenient to monitor, too troublesome, very disgusted, so looking for willing cross links of the site is very difficult. Remember I used to contact 20 websites one day, if it is the exchange link, the other party is willing to do, but say to do cross link, all don’t want to do. Therefore, we must do psychological preparation >

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