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The popularity of

mobile phones and the rapid development of smart phones, so that a variety of APP began to come out, in people’s lives has a very broad application. In short, the widespread popularity of smart phones, mobile app this word began to appear frequently and popular. Mobile phone app, equivalent to English Application, simply say that the application software is the intelligent mobile phone, communications, games, entertainment, social networking, practical life, such as "WeChat", "public comment", "angry birds"……

I do not know since when, my store appeared in a sweep code family, in the purchase of any goods will come up with the phone sweep sweep. At the beginning, I do not know where the mobile phone scan code function, so those with doubts inquiry scan code, they told me, as long as it is genuine, using a mobile phone in the "check" software sweep barcode, there will be prompt, and show other details.

mobile phone APP actually can identify the authenticity of goods? This is a strange thing. So we downloaded the installation of the first time, I look up, try to use it to make a strong basis for commodity marketing. Not to mention, this "I look up" can really play a role. Especially for the purchase of some of the more upscale goods customers, when they questioned the quality of the goods and hesitant, as long as the phone to sweep, and then give them a look, most of them will pay to buy.

, however, this "I check" is also flawed. Any goods sweep, not only shows whether or not qualified, will be all around the price marked out. As we all know, the price range of each commodity has a different region, if we quote in the marked price, the customer will not say. But if the high side, the customer always complain about bargain, do not get the hands of the business will be yellow off.

this phenomenon I have experienced once, it is because the profits and customers insist, just passable, had bitterly let customers away. Later, I will store all the goods are swept again, understand the price range, do several things, so, once again encountered such a thing I have prepared, have to choose to carry out the "check" behavior.

of course, the majority of customers can understand, so not too much trouble. Moreover, the rapid development of society, we can only keep up with these retail footsteps, in order to develop with the times.

clever use of WeChat to promote

Anhui Anqing Xingrong Wang Xuewen supermarket

I was earlier to use WeChat, and at first it is just a pure communication with friends, of course, and occasionally to the top of the store to release some business news. For a long time, I found that a lot of friends are directed

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