Optics Valley coffee settled in Haikou Renaissance City

Wuhan, Optics Valley is a well-known venture capital gathering place, and from Optics Valley, an entrepreneurial platform is naturally popular, not to mention it is one of the founders of millet founder Lei Jun. Now, Optics Valley venture coffee out of Wuhan, came to Hainan, Haikou.

12 21 afternoon, Optics Valley venture coffee (Haikou) opening ceremony of Haikou · Qing Tong Hui "is held in Haikou City revival of Internet innovation and entrepreneurship Park Optics Valley coffee roadshow this event hall, as an important part of the 2015 Hainan" Internet plus "innovation and entrepreneurship Festival series of activities.

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, innovative Haikou Optics Valley coffee business by the chairman and founder Lei Jun millet mobile phone software Li Ruxiong Optics Valley in 2013 jointly founded a service platform. Here is a collection of entrepreneurs, business mentors, investors exchange platform and information exchange platform, is a well-known public space.

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