How to develop the T industry

now the employment pressure of college students is more and more big, but still keep the high speed development of the Internet, there is a great demand for the people, this proves that the development prospect of the IT industry is attractive, has a great potential for development, the development prospect of it down to the bottom to understand.

IT> IT industry still talent gap

"at present the total number of college graduates high employment market supply and demand situation is more severe, forcing the students enhance their competitiveness through various channels." IDC senior analyst said that in addition to the traditional Kaobo PubMed, through training to master a variety of practical skills has become the main way. Since the second half of last year, a variety of training has been a significant increase in the number of enrollment situation, which is still a hot field of IT> IT class training. In the crisis, the staff are also facing greater competitive pressures, in order to be able to cope with the risk of layoffs may encounter, the demand for personnel on duty will gradually warming.

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