Pepper queen to write alternative entrepreneurial life

peppers are common objects in life, no one think of a small chili can achieve a legendary female entrepreneurial life, profitable, achievements of her "Pepper Queen" title in the business market, famous.

was elected the seventh CPPCC Standing Committee of Fufeng County, Shaanxi Province, the tenth session of the National People’s Congress of the "Pepper Queen" Zhao Fengxia, who had a hard struggle.

1984, her sister Haruki, the use of slack time for wool clothing business in Xi’an City, Baoji City, Sundry Goods wholesale market. Continue to exercise in the business world let Zhao Fengxia know that contemporary women not only to enrich themselves, but also bring more common folks to get rich. She bravely recruited nearly a hundred families of rural women in difficulty, run a embroidery factory, but to bring workers with an average annual income of more than 3000 yuan, more than 3 times the average annual income of local farmers.

2001, Zhao Fengxia takes the opportunity of developing the western region, and foreign sales of 4000 tons of pepper signed a contract, and the introduction of advanced technology and equipment built the first automatic pepper drying production line in the province, the Fufeng county and the surrounding counties, pepper cultivation acquisition, processing and sales of all in one service system more perfect, can greatly enhance the quality of the production of pepper.

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