The first shop bee suffered life Waterloo does not give up and innovation performance

everyone’s entrepreneurial path is not smooth, will experience such difficulties. A rural girl, after graduating from high school into the City venture back to the sea, to create a brilliant, was the county champion private tax. A special failure, so that the peak of her career from the bottom of the valley, almost nothing.

1980 years after graduating from high school, Liu Xianmei road from village home Zhao hometown to Jiangshan County, he opened a tailor shop in the city with the elder sister. Six months later, the eldest sister shut the tailor shop, and her husband went out to beekeeping. Liu Xianmei, who has been a master tailor, has opened a tailor’s shop.

1984 years, her "bee farm" tax amount to the top of the whole country private tax first, the taxes paid by the state owned private enterprises accounted for 1/10 of the total tax. At that time, she paid millions of dollars a year.

"Waterloo life" career development, a good life, Liu Xianmei has a new idea. 1992, Liu Xianmei felt her daughter is 8 years old, career development is stable, want to go to college for further study. After a few years in the tailor’s shop

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