Four western restaurant location is recommended

Chinese love for Western food growing, especially the younger generation’s preference for Western food. To open a western restaurant for each restaurant entrepreneur is one of the first choice.

Xiaobian for everyone to share a Western-style food stores location experience today, and I hope to help everyone in the entrepreneurial process.

area   avoid confrontation with rival

entrepreneurs when Western-style food stores shop area selection to avoid competitors and evade the crucial point, positive conflict. Competitors can be horizontal, vertical two aspects, that is, horizontal and you run the same variety of stores, which is the competition between peers. For example, are Western-style food stores; vertical competition is with you in the same consumer prices, and in the same area with a group of stores, such as the same business positioning are young consumer groups of stores.

may consider selecting two lots of shops. Two categories have been formed in some sections of the dining atmosphere can not be selected, such as the main street for supper, everyone’s spending habits is to come here to eat supper at night. In these lots to open a Western food stores will seem out of tune, it is doomed to slim future.

Taking into account the

the values   the cost of rent control;   have the potential consumer group

calculation in a 200 square meters of shops, if in the first-tier cities downtown area, the rent per square metre for 200 yuan, the monthly rental cost for 40 thousand yuan; and relatively far away from the bustling commercial center of the area, the shop rents may be halved, or even lower. Rent is the bulk of the cost of the shop, well controlled half the success.

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