5 24 Suzhou land market turnover 11

Suzhou is facing real estate crazy growth trend, take the limit policy. However, after the introduction of this policy, Suzhou prices have not been curbed. The following and Xiaobian look at specific reports.

market participants pointed out that the real estate investment heat warming, land supply and demand contradictions, resulting in land auction price is higher than the maximum price limit, the price of land into the final market

Suzhou (real estate) after the introduction of limited land premium, and did not stop the enthusiasm of the land market. May 24th, Suzhou land market turnover 11 parcels, the total amount of up to 23 billion 570 million yuan. Average land premium rate of more than 110%.

these 11 plots were thaihot group (000732, shares), real estate, housing development in the beam (600322, shares), YOUNGOR (600177, shares), agile, Xiamen (real estate) construction, Shanghai construction (600170, shares), Road King real estate developers food. Among them, the CAC group to the total price of 3 billion 100 million yuan won the 28 plots, premium rate 118%.

5 month 17 days, Suzhou City Land Bureau announced that due to planning optimization, approved by the municipal government, the suspension of transfer of 5 plots of land; May 18th, Suzhou City Land Bureau announced that the approval by the municipal government, 10 plots set the highest price, to offer more than the highest offer, terminate the land auction results invalid. This land limit order is the industry as the circuit breakers similar to the previous implementation of the stock market". Local government hopes to take control of the land market, high temperature, and thus cooling prices.

5 23, May 24th, Suzhou two online auction of the other 15 listed plots, of which set a maximum price of 10. 23, the first auction of the land in the case of a total of 4 cases, the commercial land for the 2, the price of the set of the "red line" of the residential land for the 2 set of 15. After experiencing intense online quotes, the 2 price limit plots were due to break the red line and the flow of. 24, 2009, Suzhou successfully sold a total of up to $11, the total amount of up to 23 billion 570 million yuan.

for the 23 day in Suzhou, the price limit plots were due to break the red line and the flow of the film, causing heated debate in the industry, 2.

limit the price of the market, the reason behind the real estate investment is still fiery, lack of land supply." Investment advisor in the real estate industry researcher Yin Xufei said to accept the Securities Daily "interview with reporters, after first-tier cities property market, real estate investment to expand heat warming, the contradiction between land supply and demand, leading to the land auction price higher than the highest price limit, finally into the city limit plots liupai. Of course, this does not rule out some opponents malicious price increases lead to a higher price limit may be recommended

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