Environmental friendly store selection techniques to help you successfully shop

environmental protection stores are very popular with people in life, but if the business does not have a good location, so we can not operate successfully, so environmental protection industry shop how more money? Here to share with you what to consider environmental protection stores location problem.

before an industry franchise, location is the primary factor to join the chain operation, the correct location of the chain, not only is the prerequisite for success, it is also the precondition and foundation of chain management standardization, simple and professional. Site selection is generally two levels of approval system, through the consent of the two committees, one is to join the party where the company, the other is the headquarters. Join the global network to introduce the relevant environmental protection project site selection of the relevant steps.

, a division of


two, select the district

1. to determine the values, the main gathering point where.

flow line is how, in this area, from the subway after it is direction etc.. These are sent to pinch table, to measure, there is a complete set of data to determine the address. For example, in the door of the previous traffic measurement, is in the planning of the location of the shop

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