China University of Mining and Technology student entrepreneurship project can get large venture fun

students with the help of technology, science and technology innovation brings active thinking resources very much, in order to help them to realize their dreams, China University of Mining and Technology brings superior product platform, students entrepreneurial projects will receive 200 thousand yuan venture fund.

"jump small apple". Carter, a red robot with music, danced a little apple, amused look naive of the panel of experts. Recently, in the "2015 national college network innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition finals, from the China University of Mining and Technology," wooden ox team with this robot, won the grand prize, and received 200 thousand yuan reward fund, the school won the outstanding organization award.

"MakerBox" robot learning kit is composed of a plurality of "parts can be assembled into a variety of different forms of robot, humanoid robot, such as excavators, dog etc.. The kit comes with assembly instructions, assembly tools, and robot courseware. This is the first joint class biped robot kit, compared to the previous market only wheeled robot suite more realistic, advanced. This robot kit is suitable for robot teaching and competition." Team founder Zhang Ning said.


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