He can give the barbecue which projects support

barbecue to join the brand, of course, choose the kind of high-end atmosphere, then choose what brand is better? How can he barbecue restaurant miss? He is one of the barbecue food and beverage industry as a well-known brand, has been set up to quality and service as the main business philosophy, is a good brand is worth joining. Then he joined the barbecue how much money? Let Xiaobian to introduce you to the devil barbecue franchise fee related content, hope to be able to help you.

devil barbecue franchise fee if the number?

franchise fee: 50 thousand

management fee: 20 thousand

margin: 20 thousand

He joined in support of


1, brand image support

unified brand support, headquarters unified image recognition system, to provide a range of VI vision recognition system. Unified image will save the franchisee marketing publicity investment.

2, the entire store output support

headquarters will rely on its own rich operating experience, to provide the entire store to provide support for the franchisee, at all stages of the various aspects of the timely support and guidance to the needs of the experience, so easy to join the venture.

3, free training support

by senior professionals on product knowledge, store operations and sales skills to give the franchisee a certain amount of support, so that franchisees and sales personnel to master and use skilly.

4, logistics and distribution support

efficient and efficient logistics system to provide timely withdrawal, replacement services.

5, media advertising support

offers a unified advertising investment and special advertising support for the franchisee, the franchisee to create a strong investment platform, to ensure that all franchisees.

6, market operations support

franchisees demon barbecue, operators also need not worry too much, the bull market operation supervision barbecue headquarters will not regularly under the market to help guide franchise promotional activities. The headquarters of the professional and efficient marketing team will provide marketing guidance, its independent research and development of ERP, the distribution system will give the franchise with information management, so that stores to the paperless office, to improve the management efficiency of franchise.

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