Xining traffic police to fight traffic safety defense

in order to effectively curb serious road traffic accidents, even days, Xining city traffic police detachment to increase road control, strengthen management, pay close attention to the propaganda and education of traffic safety, passenger vehicles to maximize the elimination of security risks, to road traffic safety and prevention work.

for the implementation of the road traffic safety production responsibility system, the detachment of subordinate brigade actively visited the area along the passenger transport enterprise, by car inspection, 7 seats or more passenger vehicle registration; face to face with the passenger vehicle drivers, driving to the people informed of the recent situation of traffic safety, especially passenger vehicles heavy accidents, strengthen warning the driver’s education, and tight security string, not open one car, car speeding, fatigue driving, car not on the road, to ensure passenger traffic safety.

of the brigade thorough investigation of passenger vehicle lanes do not follow the provisions of the illegal act, not according to the provisions on the highway lane, the patrol propaganda education to be warned; for a long time occupied by the inside lane, car camera, retrieval of surveillance video and other fixed evidence, and at the same time, strengthen the education of punishment; afternoon accident at night multiple time patrol, discover, investigate and correct the freight vehicle driver fatigue driving violations, to conduct safety inspections of provincial passenger vehicles, long-distance buses, hazardous chemicals transport vehicles will check every car, to understand the actual mileage, driving time, driving more than 4 hours of continuous education, shall be given a warning and ordered rest, eliminate fatigue driving risks.

for the current situation, the brigade focus on passenger vehicle traffic safety regulation on the road line, combined with the current development of the hand of peace "activities as an opportunity to put the illegal bus overcrowding, speeding, fatigue driving, the cars hit the road traffic as the focus of regulation to combat, the short distance bus and long-distance bus transit as a key control, take fixed and mobile patrols to check the combination of duty, strict management and strict governance do.

rich propaganda model, increase publicity, and create a strong social atmosphere. On the one hand, the use of radio and television, newspapers and other news media coverage of a wide range of characteristics, widely disseminated to the public awareness of the significance of the purpose of passenger vehicle remediation activities, mobilize the whole society to participate actively. On the other hand, by playing the propaganda and education of traffic safety, traffic safety publicity photo exhibition CD, promotional materials and other forms of traffic safety, improve people’s awareness of traffic safety, the church people how to ride safely passenger vehicles, consciously resist the traffic violations, do not take the super member car, do not take the car with "disease", involved in transportation of civilization. (author: Guo Feng)

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