After the 90 thousand beautiful woman selected thousands of people plan to learn the value of outsta

countries thousands of people plan is a selection of the country’s top young talent, one of the well-known programs, recently, two 90 after the latest batch of thousands of beautiful women plan. Not only outstanding learning, and the value of Yan Feng table, simply life winner.

for the twelfth batch of young people plan was selected as 90, how hard it is, let’s look at the age range of statistical data of this batch of candidates, from the statistical results, the 1975-1979 age of 125 people, ages 1980-1984 375, 1985-1990 age of 63, was born in 1990 there are 2 people from the age distribution, 1980-1984 age become absolute main force young people plan, occupy 66.37% of the proportion, but after 85 accounted for only 11.15%, while the two 90 in which only accounted for 0.35% of the proportion.

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