Huangyuan County Bureau of Commerce and industry to help farmers professional cooperatives

in recent years, Huangyuan County Administration for Industry and strengthen their functions and optimize service and guide the planting and breeding large leading enterprises and helping the development of farmers’ professional cooperatives. Up to now, the county farmer cooperatives totaled 289, a total investment of 376 million 140 thousand yuan, the development of membership of the people of 1734, led farmers to 9826.

Huangyuan County Administration for Industry and Commerce for the farmer cooperatives registered open Easy Access immediately, to meet the conditions of registration, licensing on the spot, and to choose a number of planting and breeding specialist to focus on helping. At the same time, the Bureau of industry and commerce departments give full play to contract supervision, brand protection, brokerage guidance and other functions, help farmer cooperatives, improve credit management level and market competition ability, safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. (author: Yuan Fang)

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