How to solve the problem of drainage and drainage in Xiamen City

in the process of the development of the city, although the economy has made a series of progress, but because many of the infrastructure has not been well improved, which led to the emergence of many problems. So, how to solve the problem of drainage and drainage in Xiamen city?

announced the "Fujian province" 13th Five-Year "urban and rural infrastructure construction planning" before five years, the province will invest one trillion yuan to improve the infrastructure of the city, Xiamen will complete the national pilot city sponge construction in 2017, people’s life will be more comfortable.

700 billion investment to build

Xiamen urban rail transit two project

in accordance with the plan, from 2016 to 2021, Xiamen urban rail transit two project will be started, with a total investment of 70 billion yuan, planning and construction of Metro Line 4, 5, line. At present, the first phase project of Xiamen city rail transit (subway line No. 3, 1, 2) has been built, the No. 1 line opened in 2017, line 2, line 3 was opened to traffic in 2019, was opened to traffic in 2020.

to the "13th Five-Year" at the end, Xiamen completed the construction of rail traffic mileage is expected to exceed 190 kilometers, accounting for the province’s total construction (including construction) more than half of the mileage. By then, people will travel more convenient.

old town branch

will be transformed into the roadway

2016 to 2018, the province will implement the action plan for smooth city three years, set up a narrow road, road network "concept, to improve the road network density, improve the city road network connectivity and accessibility as the focus, arrangement of city road construction project.

generally said that the city’s primary and secondary trunk road network in Xiamen will be further improved, the city loop and the central city road network convergence will be strengthened. For the old city road is narrow, our province plans to combine the old city renewal, landscape renovation, broaden the branch, a group of old city alley, the alley to allow conditions through the transformation, and strive to build a. These branches, Lane roadway will become the perfect city traffic "capillaries", make the city traffic more smoothly.

it is understood that by 2020, Xiamen’s bus lanes will be a single line woven into the network, and rail transit, rapid transit system together constitute the city’s rapid commuter system. "13th Five-Year" period, the city plans to build 5800 kilometers of road, central city road pavement maintenance transformation has a total length of 800 km, 200 km of Street Lane reconstruction.

2017 completed by the end of

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