Folk artists send laughter to Xining Ming will hold two special performances

from August 14th to 15, China Artists Association Jiang Kun, Zhou Wei Dai Zhicheng, will, Guo Da, Gao Fang, Han, Inverness high poly, Qizhi and Jiao Jiandong dozen famous performing artists. "Chinese Artists Association of literary volunteer service group" in our province, held two "send laughter" into the Qinghai Xining to show, people loved folk art form for people of all nationalities in our province brought laughter and auspicious blessings.

the performances by the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, China Artists Association and the Provincial Federation jointly organized activities to "adhere to the grass-roots level, people’s sincere service" as the theme, "patriotic, people, Zonta, Shang Yi" for the purpose of volunteer spirit vigorously promote the dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress. The organization of literary and art workers masses, in-depth life, real feelings of people of all ethnic groups in Qinghai construction of new Qinghai, creating a new life together to achieve the dream, Chinese spirit.

also promote the majority of artists consciously promote the work of serving the overall situation, serve the people, for the development and prosperity of socialist literature and art ningxinjuli. It is understood that the joy to the grassroots to send condolences to the performance of the Chinese Quyi Artists Association organized brand activities, footprints all over the country’s more than and 20 provinces and autonomous regions, performing more than 100 games, the audience of millions of people. The province is also the performance of the province’s high level folk art show in our province a centralized display. (author: Li Xin)

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