48 units outstanding youth rights Kong

in order to further promote the province "Outstanding Youth Rights Kong service platform construction, strengthen our province youth legal publicity and education work, in December 22nd, the province’s" Outstanding Youth Rights Kong "and" youth created to promote the construction of the rule of law in Qinghai one of the four "summary of the meeting, the province’s 48 units was named" Outstanding Youth Rights kong".

to carry out the creation of "Outstanding Youth Rights Kong", "People’s Republic of China is carrying out and implementing the law on the protection of minors", "People’s Republic of China juvenile crime prevention law", safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of young people, an important measure to ensure the healthy growth of young people. The meeting summed up in recent years, our Province Youth Rights Kong create achievements and experience, the next step to perfect the mechanism, promote the rights Kong law enforcement unit to perform their duties, relying on social forces to participate in creating, promoting Youth Rights Kong in-depth legal education has made arrangements. The meeting stressed that attaches great importance to the protection of the rights and interests of young people, to strengthen the management of key youth groups, comprehensively promote the work of the institutionalization, standardization, and effectively reduce the rate of juvenile delinquency.


launched the "12355" youth integrated service hotline, the hotline, on-site assistance and other forms of help, has made a large number of "problem" to teenagers. "Outstanding Youth Rights Kong" activities not only strengthen the youth rights protection, build a service platform for the rights of teenagers, but also effectively prevent juvenile delinquency, to create a good environment for the healthy growth of young people.


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