Pollution is not in place will be issued supervision proposals

November 4th to 6, Municipal Committee and Secretary Ma Haiying led the Municipal Supervision Bureau, Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau and other departments, has to the comprehensive improvement of air pollution inspection and supervision of Datong County and Huangyuan County, Huang Zhongxian. Ma Haiying stressed that the air pollution control should dare to move really tough action, measures must be taken very, very, very efforts to implement the very responsibility, to establish a normal mechanism, not to discuss, without conditions, each responsibility unit must be put in place of the rectification requirements, who and air pollution can not go, just like organization who can not go, the Municipal Supervision Bureau and the municipal office to treat gas rectification requirements of the inspection, supervision is not in place, the slow-moving areas and units, Supervision Bureau issued supervision proposal.

check, in Datong County Li Changzheng sand and gravel site without enclosure, road hardening, no slag, not covered without watering dust sedimentation and clean-up is not timely garbage incineration; Bao Xi Cun brick field as clay brick field is still not closed; Yihua carbide slag dumps are 100 thousand tons of calcium carbide slag cleaning, but the coverage has not been fully in place, and the west of Huangzhong County town of Huaneng thermal power construction site without walls, bare surface, road entrance and field area not hardened, not watering dust; Qinghai Huangyuan highway engineering construction company Tonghai mixing station material not warehousing storage, garbage road is not completely hardened Huangyuan County landfill and uncompacted coverage, deodorization device is not set; Wantong not Weidang, sand and gravel roads not hardened, not covered, sand raw materials without watering dust. Questions, Ma Haiying requirements, construction must meet the requirements of environmental protection and control of air pollution in Xining city "5 per cent" mandatory, city and county related departments to access and strict, supervision should be in place to carry out remediation, eliminated according to the requirements of governance, the stop stop, the customs clearance, not keep the enterprise should be completely banned, enterprises must keep rectification in place to ensure the realization of standardized operation, the city’s air and water pollution comprehensive management target. On the gravel deposit field, coal field, small lime kiln and other enterprises, to make reasonable planning according to the requirements of environmental protection and the needs of the market, the site should be away from residential areas, urban areas, but also to supervision functions.  

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