148 institutions property online drying

institutions owned land, housing, vehicles and other property rights should be registered in the online debut, through the network to implement efficient, real-time, dynamic supervision of the whole process. Recently, the reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of finance, I urged property management information construction institutions, to the end of January 2015, for the first time through the asset management information system of administrative units completed the registration of property rights of state-owned assets, net 148 institutions, realize the whole process of supervision institutions of property rights.
it is understood that in these institutions to conduct a comprehensive inventory of "family" and "online record", the municipal finance department first conducted a systematic training for online registration of property rights, registration of property rights assets management information system function module and other related content to the institution of property rights registration business personnel. At the same time, the requirements included institutions of property rights registration scope to financial accounts as a benchmark, the timely registration of real property cards information system of assets, asset accounts, financial accounts and material account for comparison, to achieve consistent accounts and accounts, debit card line, ensure the property right registration information is accurate. In addition, the property rights registration information submitted by the network of institutions and institutions required to provide housing, land ownership certificates and other related information itemized verification, to ensure that the data is true and accurate, clear property rights. Through the information management of property rights of state-owned assets in institutions, improve our institution of property rights of state-owned assets management informationization, to standardize and strengthen our institution of property rights of state-owned assets management has played a positive role in promoting.

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