Compensation 3 million 140 thousand Datong County 7 sewage companies to pay for the damaged farmlan

this year, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County Environmental Protection Bureau will focus on people’s livelihood, improve people’s livelihood as the top priority of the work. The spirit of the people in charge of the enterprise and the principle of increasing crop pollution compensation coordination efforts, as of now, mediation 7 sewage companies, to Huang Jia Zhai 5 township farmers implement crops, forest damage compensation 3 million 149 thousand yuan.

in order to protect the interests of farmers, this year, Datong invited 5 experts in agriculture and vegetable crops, involving many live view, pollution monitoring and survey evidence, for a total, Changning, Huang Jia Zhai bridge, hill and treasure 5 Township 12830.9 acres of grain, vegetables and trees, to compensate for the loss of 3 million 149 thousand yuan. Currently, 3 million 149 thousand yuan of compensation through the County Environmental Protection Bureau transferred to the accounts of the township government of the people’s government, and distributed to the hands of farmers under the supervision of the masses.

Datong County Environmental Protection Bureau, responsible person, in recent years, settled in the chase Beichuan industrial park enterprises increased year by year. Due to the environmental protection facilities of some industrial enterprises are not up to standard, the local crops to varying degrees of damage. To this end, Datong County Environmental Protection Bureau urged relevant enterprises to increase investment in environmental protection, strict control of various pollutants discharge standards, reduce emissions. At the same time, scientifically and rationally determine the pollution area and the degree of loss, prompting enterprises to give farmers a reasonable compensation for damaged crops.


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