The survey Wangzhuan site to access membersHow to fool your pockets and expose nternet fraud

investment 1000 annual return of 2 million… I believe that the return of 200 million, the shield is not much? Well, equivalent to 2000 yuan to the people of Beijing subway beggars also a monthly income of 5000, or RMB.

blank market, earn 200 thousand monthly… Wow, so you make money, or buy the incense burning home for it, let your children enjoy a happy life under.

network is mature, it is with all sorts of strange things…

In the investigation of


has only one aim – to fool your pockets.

earns a lifetime of money a year… I’m sweaty, stronger than a prostitute,

1 yuan supermarket, zero franchise fee… It seems that this guy was a windfall to hit the dizzy…

web site on the Internet, I just said the investigation of daily consumer goods are usually required for each member, it is up to you 2 yuan reward. So, online survey sites will save 23 yuan in a survey of daily consumer goods, these money gone?

Research firm

, one of the most distinctive features, is "network business" – the "investment" website, which has spread all over the network, even on TV advertising, has become the most popular item for investors in the near future.

to say, Vietnamese wife 90 percent off or can change with pork, I can barely believe…

usually, I do 4 copies of 5 copies every day. When the company has made a survey, call me. I earn about one thousand and five hundred yuan in a month or so. I’m tired, but my exercise is also very big,.

dull remarks dead endlessly, which is the largest common investment website.


a Datong advertising, all advertising are hard calculations, but the key is, I would buy a local station advertising, even if you buy advertising, also have to make a super low discount, is a local website the most expensive advertising but also thousands of dollars, had to beg people buy. Besides – even the main station is not a good thing, but also expected sub station,

lists some common Online Business Scams —

: I don’t understand why such a big difference between reality and network, then guess why survey Wangzhuan make so many people happy, is not because it supports offline? Because usually promotion of a yuan of money, or pay a few level line, to promote the ability of people relatively easy

about my visitor experience. A summer university, I do visit the clerk at the Hainan urban and rural social survey. Then do a survey about the daily consumer goods, according to the assigned address to find community, and then into the door please do questionnaire. Every time, I will send respondents with a gift, is about 8-10 yuan down home common and fun stuff. And I do a questionnaire, the reward is 20 yuan.

currently has more than 20 domestic prizes survey website, I have done, but still have not received a penny. Some of the foreign investigation site, simply exit the market China, reportedly because of cheating too much. Now when it comes to survey Wangzhuan, although I can not be conclusive is a liar, but I really regret wasting so much time.

local website advertising monthly income of 600 thousand? Your mouth was TNT bomb than Hsu Chi bomb bigger?…

blew his own trumpet, and the leather blew out of words – and had to replace it with a large line of exclamation marks…

XXX yuan, earn, make, earn!… It’s so exciting to see hundreds of bucks?

brothers and sisters, you really think that China Mobile is a vegetarian? Mobile phone recharge card 90 percent off direct? See your big ghost go…

, who sells atomic bombs

, a 18 year old girl, starts a year and buys BMW… I’m relying on BMW. It’s made of paper…

1 yuan becomes 1 million… I understand that you are to take 1 yuan to buy 1 million par Mingbi…

if you do such a good job to make money, IT migrant workers, Huang Yu, I do not eat or drink, one day to engage in dozens of websites, even if it can not be!



later found a survey Wangzhuan also have a few dollars to tens of dollars on the Internet, I do not want to climb so many buildings, not by so many people refused, but also can do many good companies, all of a sudden I! For a number of websites, but I think I don’t want to pull off the assembly line before he did not earn money, or cheat others not good. As a result, half a year past, I from the first day to log in once a week to sign a website, almost no one to pay. The survey site is more than not to pay, basically less than 5 yuan.

in real life, and the investigation on the website of the network world, I joined. From a visitor experience survey Wangzhuan, could not help but make people very disappointed.

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