Survey shows that mobile search algorithm changes to the noble baby has an important influence on Ma


is the biggest factor

there is no doubt that they refer to the panda nobility baby released in 2011 February (Panda algorithm) update and since then a large number of other updates, they also refer to the penguin release at the end of April (Penguin algorithm) update. The panda algorithm and no penguins algorithm so that frequent updates, but warned that the nobility baby penguin further update.

either in the agency or working within the company, the study participants agreed that the two main influencing factors of them is to change the baby recently and noble algorithm to increase the number of mobile Internet users.

About 90% of the search marketing staff said recently updated nobility baby algorithm has great influence on their These

‘s point of view, 87% of people said that change the nobility baby algorithm and the increase in the number of mobile Internet users or they have important and important influence, these two factors are far more than other factors in the study.


[10XApp] the original compiler, as many people think that mobile Internet use and the increase in the number of local search have great influence on their.

The number of these

on search marketing

survey also found that the marketing budget is increasing, which has 86% of the surveyed said they want to increase the electronic marketing budget.

data released this week from the search engine marketing professional organization (SEMPO) on the 2012 search marketing report. Close to 900 search marketing personnel received in March 12th to May 15th this year held online research. These people from 36 countries, including 64% people in the United states.

The research work in the company’s internal



are similar to work in the agency’s marketing staff. But in the agency’s search marketers believe that local search is one of the important factors that affect their. Among them, 92% of people think that the increase in the number of Internet use has an important effect on them (or its important influence). At the same time, there were 87% people and 85% people choose the local search algorithm to update and noble baby.

reported there is also some other data about search marketing industry, is one of the main search engine marketing professional organization for evaluation of the industrial value. Search engine marketing professional organization and eConsultancy (they are also involved in the research work of this estimate) in North American search market value is about $22 billion 900 million, this number will reach 26 billion 800 million in 2013.


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