How to establish a correct view of Web data analysis

analysis of the data to be accurate, and get rid of non

Shanghai love before the

part of the webmaster and the Shanghai dragon in site data analysis technology, experience is not in place due to lack of corresponding global view, which resulted in a part of the site development potential, the development process is not smooth, the owners and the Shanghai dragon in time data analysis must establish their own global view, first of all owners must look through the phenomenon of nature, we are required to establish the concept of the global nature of the internal data from the surface, for example, we can through the website statistics tool to obtain the high bounce rate phenomenon, then we must from the phenomenon of what is its essence, because the content of the website is still not good enough page design is not in place or other, we must see the essence through the phenomenon; secondly we should eliminate unreasonable The data tell us, global view of unreasonable data will affect the whole site analysis data, this time we have to exclude those unreasonable factors, vans size suggest that owners abandoned the unreasonable factors of local >

Webmaster Tools Platform of their own in 12 years in Shanghai, it seems that in most webmaster platform is actually a website data analysis platform, a major role of love Shanghai webmaster tools platform not only lies in the data analysis, in fact, it is more important to be able to make your website to understand website through the deficiencies and advantages webmaster tools, shortcomings to modify the site, so the requirements of stationmaster after love Shanghai webmaster tools to check the website platform data must focus on the analysis of the website data, then we analysis how was the correct data analysis

analysis of data to have global view, abandoning local thinking

? On-line


tool is not on-line, when we use the website information query tools Shanghai dragon often are holding a top view, see included, see the chain mentality to operate, this mode of operation from the Shanghai love algorithm to adjust the gradually failure, on-line love Shanghai webmaster tools more is to tell us the other Shanghai dragon tool check website information may not be accurate, it tells us that we get data from domain, site: and so on are: instruction is just a reference, really accurate data through these instructions data have not check out. This time we have to query the use of tools, remember when love Shanghai statistics this tool on-line many webmaster friends say useful, but actually love Shanghai statistics is also of a similar cnzz statistical tool, only a preliminary reference for the website data, and now love Shanghai Webmaster Tools on-line can be said to provide a precise query platform for us, here I suggest friends, get rid of those without the right tools, get rid of those inappropriate instructions, accurate mining several valuable webmaster tools to obtain information for the website, webmaster tools, love Shanghai home owners are feasible, as for other webmaster tools but don’t be too serious.

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