Do not believe the love of Shanghai do not easily modify the description

believe that every Shanghai dragon master knows that once the title title and description of description, keyword keywords are the three major factors play a key role to the website ranking. Later because of the description and keywords are being abused, so Google and other search engines love Shanghai have said the description and keywords ranking on the site has no effect. Their weight has gone for ever.


Meta description is not a reference factor weight calculation, the label does not affect the existence of "weight, will only do search for a target selection results summary.

Meta description is a concise summary of the web content. If the description description and web content match, Shanghai will have one of the love of description as the target, a good description will help the user from the search results to determine whether your web content and demand.


does not believe? Let’s take a look at love in the official Shanghai search engine optimization guide said:

is the most critical, modify the page description of Shanghai said love is not a result of site punished. There are pictures and the truth, please see:


A selection of Whether

meta description is the target, modify the meta description only affects the. We encourage you to write through the meta description website. Just too frequent revision, not necessarily.


from love Shanghai last night and today morning update, I understand a truth: don’t believe love Shanghai don’t light to describe


"to the letter as a book." I was to read so many books of sages, to Mencius earnest teachings. Take Shanghai search engine optimization guide [love], there is no sense of urgency, to modify the menace from the rear site description, the "Xiamen Shanghai dragon" from the home page ninth is approaching 100; "Xiaoxiang Yu Wen" from the first home is home eighth; the rest of the "Xiamen Shanghai dragon Consultant", "Xiamen site optimization ranking" appeared a serious decline. The entire site weight, whether the page or inside pages, drop very much, with the stock market as like as two peas. Love Shanghai really is cheating. Hope that the majority of Shanghai Longfeng optimization and station warning, do not believe love Shanghai! Don’t light to describe



meta description modify the page will be punished

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