n order to search the wash in vain PPC how to become this trick black appearance

PPC history

the reason, in fact or interest. PPC is a quick business model, love is the example of Shanghai. In 2000, Robin Li and Xu Yong settled in Zhongguancun, they began to sell search services, the past year, China mainstream portals are used to love Shanghai search engine, but Robin Li at this time began to worry. When the Internet bubble has begun to burst, will spend a lot of money people less and less, and even some people said to Robin Li, do not care about the quality, only care about the price. At that time, only a few dozen people love Shanghai, rely on the sale of search engine, has been very difficult to achieve profitability. Almost give up everything, Robin Li came back from the States, naturally impossible to sell search engine. In order to expand, to massive profits, love Shanghai from Overture PPC model. In September 20, 2001, Shanghai began to love the bidding business. Next we all know the story. In August 5, 2005, love Shanghai listed on the Nasdaq, the day to close at $122.54, the issue price is $27, creating a miracle in Shanghai love China nasdaq. Until today, the benefits of PPC, also occupies the total income of the bulk of the love of Shanghai.

ranking does not appear in the auction, search cheating is rampant, a lot of garbage filled in all the major search results, in order to solve this problem, Bill gross (the history of Wall Street expected initial public offering the highest amount of GoTo company’s founder) decided to go with the real value of the search process the hook, and concluded that if the search results are not linked to the value, the final search will control the whole system of garbage. Then through the test and a series of thinking, a >

recently, the media exposure of the takeaway platform on the PPC model, exposes the takeaway platform and point. The article points out that the PPC takeaway platform way to charge platform businesses, to help pay for the businesses can improve their ranking in App home platform, increase the exposure rate, thereby increasing the volume of orders. This message is a public outcry. At the beginning of the 315 Party of the restaurant storm yet completely in the past, and now takeaway platform already comes with "Dr. black" skills of PPC stained edges.

Before the

thus saw the PPC appeal of how much, so the takeaway platform to put their lives at risk, is not surprising. In fact, PPC in the beginning, and not to disturb the search order, instead, it is used to maintain order.

platform takeaway why in the teeth of the storm in the PPC PPC? And what is the magic, can let the enterprise even if they have to engage in infamy against


takeaway platform and the headlines, but this is not a problem because the restaurant, not because of who who burned much money, how much financing.

only to wash white

trick black PPC was initially

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