The initial formation of the urban system in Qinghai

12 month 14 days, the reporter was informed that strengthen the city planning and construction, promote the reform of city law enforcement system improved the management of the city television and telephone conference from the province, as of the end of 2015, the province’s urbanization rate reached 50.23%, formed in the center of Xining City, small city and county capital as the backbone, the small towns as the base city system. The construction of the overall layout and the development pattern of "four zone two line area which adapts to the development of" four zones and two belts "of new towns, the province’s urban system is formed.

it is understood that since 12th Five-Year, the provincial government attaches great importance to city planning and construction management work, the city completed investment in fixed assets of about 10363 yuan, accounting for the province’s investment in fixed assets 79.7%, radiation city on the economic and social development to give full play to the role of infrastructure, improve city management, and gradually improve the urban landscape. The space developed, take on an altogether new aspect, the bearing capacity gradually increased, promoting the province’s economic growth, increase the city employment, improve the living standard of the city dwellers. read more

Xining traffic police to fight traffic safety defense

in order to effectively curb serious road traffic accidents, even days, Xining city traffic police detachment to increase road control, strengthen management, pay close attention to the propaganda and education of traffic safety, passenger vehicles to maximize the elimination of security risks, to road traffic safety and prevention work.

for the implementation of the road traffic safety production responsibility system, the detachment of subordinate brigade actively visited the area along the passenger transport enterprise, by car inspection, 7 seats or more passenger vehicle registration; face to face with the passenger vehicle drivers, driving to the people informed of the recent situation of traffic safety, especially passenger vehicles heavy accidents, strengthen warning the driver’s education, and tight security string, not open one car, car speeding, fatigue driving, car not on the road, to ensure passenger traffic safety.

of the brigade thorough investigation of passenger vehicle lanes do not follow the provisions of the illegal act, not according to the provisions on the highway lane, the patrol propaganda education to be warned; for a long time occupied by the inside lane, car camera, retrieval of surveillance video and other fixed evidence, and at the same time, strengthen the education of punishment; afternoon accident at night multiple time patrol, discover, investigate and correct the freight vehicle driver fatigue driving violations, to conduct safety inspections of provincial passenger vehicles, long-distance buses, hazardous chemicals transport vehicles will check every car, to understand the actual mileage, driving time, driving more than 4 hours of continuous education, shall be given a warning and ordered rest, eliminate fatigue driving risks. read more

Xining City East District output 3424 rural labor

in the process of city, Eastern District of Xining city rural labor output and employment difficulties in employment is increasing, the first half of this year, the district has completed the transfer of rural labor output 3424, 3945 new urban jobs.

employment assistance, the occupation introduced 5837; verification of flexible employment 40 people, social security subsidies of 136 thousand yuan; the recommended 88 older persons with employment difficulties to public welfare jobs; for entrepreneurs and enterprises to apply for small loans to 3 million 630 thousand yuan. Vocational skills training, training a total of 775 people in urban and rural areas, including the training of migrant workers, migrant workers, urban workers, 400 people, SYB entrepreneurship training for the 175 people in. (author: Zhou Jia Quanjun)

Xining customs warehousing tax before April year on year growth of more than 1 times

this year, Xining customs tax increase comprehensive efforts to expand and improve measures to facilitate customs clearance, provide a strong guarantee for customs revenue growth. As of April 30th, Xining customs warehousing taxes total 98 million 719 thousand and 200 yuan, a year-on-year growth of more than 1 times. Among them, the tariff of 17 million 134 thousand and 500 yuan, down 54.26%; import tax warehousing 81 million 584 thousand and 700 yuan, an increase of 6.3 times; the customs confiscated 60 thousand yuan of income.

tax rate structure adjustment and the appreciation of the renminbi and other factors to promote the general trade volume of alumina imports is the main reason for the rapid growth of tax revenue. 1-4 months, the Xining customs alumina imports 136 thousand and 500 tons, worth $63 million 40 thousand, the amount of growth of 120.2% and 125.1%, respectively, accounted for 40% of the total value of imports of customs, a total collection of alumina tax 89 million 100 thousand yuan RMB, accounted for 90.3% of the total amount of tax. (author Ge Yunpeng) read more

Qinghai Lake became a swan lake on the Qinghai Tibet Plateau

In addition, the Qinghai Lake

winter ice Snow gleams white. grand outside, also attracted a lot of big swan from distant Xinjiang here in winter. Because the dancing elegant posture, has been known as the "Swan bird Fairy", her arrival to add a lot of vitality and charm for the sacred lake, Qinghai Lake has become the "Swan Lake Qinghai Tibet plateau".
water level rise cited numerous Swan
photographer for the Swan Jingsheyao
in recent years, with the Qinghai lake ecological environment is getting better, the winter Qinghai Lake became black necked cranes, Przewalski’s gazelle and other rare animal parks, especially the big Swan very pretty and charming figure, has become another winter Qinghai lake scenery, Qinghai Lake as the most important big Swan filming base, attracting hundreds of photographers have to.
in the lens to capture the big swan, the most beautiful moment, our province famous photographer Ge Yuxiu every winter long time stay in Qinghai lake, risking the ice collapse, a day of walking on the ice, shooting out of pieces of big Swan beauty. He said that when the weather is sunny, large flocks of swans flew to the ice, grass, and slowly glide, sometimes raucous low Ming, lightweight, agile movements, like the ice dancer, doing all kinds of graceful performance. It is reported that, with the improvement of the ecological environment around the Qinghai Lake, there are a small number of large Swan nostalgia throughout the year in Qinghai Lake, in a beautiful and quiet environment, the birth of a child".
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The twenty fifth session of the Gansu earthquake prevention zone in central and Eastern Qinghai was

The twenty-fifth session of the earthquake prevention and protection zone in central Qinghai and Eastern Gansu was held on October 23rd to 25 in Gansu, Lanzhou Province, china. The new thinking of the meeting with the county "12th Five-Year" earthquake disaster mitigation work development as the theme, the meeting of Lanzhou Municipal People’s Congress deputy director Zhang Zuqian on behalf of the four team Lanzhou speech, deputy director of the Seismological Bureau of Gansu province Zhou Zhiyu attended the meeting and made an important speech. My bureau and other 8 members of the earthquake zone defense units on behalf of Gansu and Qinghai Province and two earthquake bureau offices led a total of more than 50 people attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Zhang Limin, director of Lanzhou Seismological bureau.

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The third session of the summer Xining place name snack delicacy Festival ended

Sponsored by the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Xining Municipal Tourism Bureau, from the East, West, north of the city, the city district four specific to host the third session of the summer Xining place name snack delicacy Festival, in July 28th successfully concluded.

held delicacy Festival, aims to promote the beauty of Qinghai, promote Xining delicacy culture, build Xining characteristics of famous brand, variety show delicacy. At the same time to protect the traditional local characteristics, but also to enhance the grade of special snacks, creating a food culture, highlighting the local characteristics of Xining.  

Xining five projects to support the poor population of 100 thousand

September 6th, reporters from the provincial poverty alleviation and Development Bureau, this year, the city of Xining through the whole village, easily relocated, rain plan, industrial poverty, social poverty alleviation five projects to support 24 thousand, 100 thousand people living in poverty.

Xining city in three counties of the 30 villages and towns to carry out the entire village of poor villages to promote the project, improve the production and living conditions of the project village 75. The implementation of the pilot project to resettle in 17 poor villages, to support life in the lack of basic living conditions and geological disasters threatened poverty-stricken population relocation to convenient transportation, flat terrain, good area of public facilities. Removal of the masses can increase revenue through granite processing, dairy farming, beef cattle fattening and other production projects. Through the rain and dew plan, the three counties to carry out the poor labor force car driving and other professional skills training of six, effectively improve the level of technical skills of these poor workers, to solve the employment. The city’s poor areas have been built in rapeseed planting base, potato planting base, vegetable base, cow, pig breeding base of intensive agriculture and animal husbandry and handicraft industry base characteristics of Tibetan culture base more than and 40. read more

The colorful music festival concert in Nanshan District

Xining in July, compared with the field of hot slightly cool, but in July, Xining is not a lack of passion, vitality. July 26th, sponsored by the people’s Government of the city, the city of science and Technology Tourism Bureau hosted the 2014 colorful music festival, will play in the South Park this summer, the strongest scale. By then, China will be a number of well-known bands for the love of music, love life, love the people of Xining summer, visitors to send a feast of music.

Today the 600 planting pits have been dug

The morning of April 13th, West District Xining city volunteers association, the Communist Youth League of Xining City West District, West District Agriculture Bureau, West District Environmental Protection Bureau and the common development in Nanchuan River voluntary tree planting activities. The registration work ended in April 12th 18, the Nanchuan River on the west side (fun Road) 600 pits have been dug, waiting for applicants to plant trees. For Qilian spruce and juniper trees.It is reported that

, a lot of people will take the old man and child in the family together to participate in the tree planting activity, therefore, in the process of planting trees, please follow the arrangement of staff and technical staff guidance, and take good care of the elderly and children around, to Caution. West District Bureau of agriculture and animal husbandry dispatched seven staff to maintain the order of the scene.

this tree planting activities required by the West District Bureau of agriculture and animal husbandry. In order to ensure the survival rate of the west area of agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau staff pre sent to measure land, excavation pits. When planting trees, technical personnel on-site guidance, the latter will be responsible for the management and maintenance. (author: Zhang Pu) read more