ROTC helps clear stadium

first_imgBefore Notre Dame fans packed the football stadium last Saturday to cheer for the Irish, the Notre Dame ROTC units – Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps – spent 12 hours shoveling snow out of the stadium to prepare for game day.Master Sergeant Marshall Yuen said the shoveling, which lasted from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Friday, was part of an agreement made between Notre Dame ROTC and stadium staff in 2008.“Back in 2008, before a Stanford game, the campus got hit by a really big snowstorm,” he said. “It was on a Thursday and Friday, and [Facilities Manager] Dan Brazo had a hard time getting all the snow cleared for the game. So after that, he called over here to coordinate a community response with us for the next time something like that happened.”Yuen said last Friday was the first time since 2008 that the ROTC was called to help clear the stadium, and in all, about 75 percent of students involved in the Notre Dame ROTC program helped shovel snow.“Quite a few of our cadets were [shoveling] in between class periods,” he said. “[Some of them] went to class at eight o’clock in the morning. They had an hour break, so they walked over to the stadium and did some shoveling and then went to their next class. Some did it over their lunch breaks.“Every one of the ROTC commanders was out there shoveling snow, and some of them were out there for six or seven hours.”Sophomore Naval midshipman Ian Tembe said involvement in ROTC service like this is personally important to him.“I like to participate in everything the battalion does,” he said. “For me, Navy ROTC (NROTC) is the main part of my life as far as my future and my career. … Another thing that I really like is the relationship between NROTC and Notre Dame, and I wanted to help further that [by participating].”Shoveling snow in the stadium also helped strengthen the bond between the four different ROTC units, Tembe said.“It’s important for the cadets to do [service for the University] so that [ROTC] can instill that ‘God, Country, Notre Dame’ kind of ideal and that service to community,” he said. “It’s important to strengthen the relationship between the Navy, the Army, the Marine Corps, the Air Force and Notre Dame.”Senior Elizabeth Terino said the relationship between the four ROTC branches extends beyond shoveling snow together on Friday. The units have multiple events with each other throughout the year, she said. Tembe said this relationship between the branches is an important one.“The camaraderie between the units, we have kind of a sibling rivalry,” Tembe said. “But we’re really more tightly involved than you might think. And that’s important because once we graduate and become officers, joint relationships between the branches are very important to the military objectives of the United States. Each service would like to say they’re the one that does all the work, but really the work can’t be done without all the armed services.”Shoveling snow on Friday was a way to show ROTC’s appreciation for Notre Dame, Terino said.“Notre Dame is so supportive of the ROTC program,” she said. “Shoveling the stadium is just a small act of service that we can perform to give back to a University that gives us so much.”Ultimately, though, Yuen said the service Notre Dame ROTC provides to the University also benefits the cadets.“What it really teaches our cadets is that if somebody asks for help, you go out there and help them without expecting necessarily a monetary reward or a pat on the back,” he said. “When your community calls you to help, if you have time to do it, you go out there and do it.”Tags: Football Friday Feature, ROTClast_img read more

Bulldogs And Cardinals Middle School Golf Team Results At South Decatur

first_imgThe Batesville golf team had their first match of the season and came out victorious over South Decatur and St. Louis.The Bulldogs were led by Drew Wagner shooting a 47 for match medalist honors. The 6 man team was rounded out with Sam Bowman and Chase Cummings both scoring 55, Brett Wagner 58, Dean Campbell 61, and Sarah Ronnebaum 66. Other scores for the Bulldogs included Kyler Daulton 57, Austin Pohlman 62, and Clay Grunkemeyer and Maddie Hanley both with a 64.BMS golfers are looking forward to the Madison Invitational this Saturday.Courtesy of Bulldogs Coach Pam Moorman.The St Louis Middle School Golf Team started their season Tuesday evening at Wyaloosing Golf Course with Batesville and South Decatur schools. St. Louis came in second place with a team score of 378.Leading the was was Evan Voglesang with a 52 followed by Jacob Deutsch with a 59. As for the rest of the team: Aaron Weber had a 67, Zeb Streator a 64, Brandon Imel a 68, Abe Streator a 68, Thomas Raver a 62, Cayden Pohlman a 66, and Cody Mohr with a 71.The next match for the team is this Saturday at the Cozy Acres golf course.Courtesy of Cardinals Coach Randy Streator.last_img read more

New morgue to cater for high murder rate in Baramita

first_imgA morgue will be constructed in 2018 in the Amerindian village of Baramita in Region One (Barima-Waini) to cater for the high murder and suicide rates in that particular community.Vice Chairperson of the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) of Region One, Sarah Browne, made this disclosure during a recent interview with Guyana Times.Browne said this is part of the capital works to be undertaken in Region One inRegion One RDC Vice Chairperson, Sarah Browne2018. “And that is part of our upgrade. Last year we would have focused most of our capital resources towards that area since we all know the situation, that Baramita has a high murder and suicide rate,” she said.In addition to this, the regional official also pointed out that the community, which is located in the Matarkai Sub-district, is also faced with high school drop outs and teenage pregnancy.“They also have different sorts of violence including rape, exploitation,” Brown explained, while noting that women in particular are taken advantage of by persons in that community.The RDC official said an entire complex within a compound was constructed, and extensions were done to the hospital, the schools, and the doctors and nurses quarters to improve the services offered.“We will be upgrading staff quarters at Mabaruma Hospital, constructing a doctor’s quarter at Waramuri and Moruca and that is to house a resident doctor to serve additional satellite villages.”Upon assuming office in 2015, the regional Vice Chairwoman of Region One said the issues were too much for the RDC to take charge of, since it does not have responsibility for social services.“So we would have engaged the Minister of Social Protection on this issue, as well as the Minister of Amerindian Affairs. Subsequently, a Commission of Inquiry (CoI) was launched into Baramita, which we were a part of and which we would have also gone out to the areas,” she explained.The CoI found that children were not attending school because of the reports of constant violence in the village. Parents in particular were afraid to send their children to school because of complaints. Hospital records also prove that there were large influxes of patients treated for lacerations.She said, “Alcoholism is also very rampant in that community and we are hoping that once we have these facilities in place, we are going to make the school child-friendly. We would have already invested in the 2017 Budget to purchase a minibus. That would take students to and from school.”Browne told Guyana Times that the RDC has also received credible information that proves that mining plays a major role in the violence that is taking place rampantly in Baramita. “We find that coast landers are coming into Baramita and more or less exploiting the people since we have them mining gold and we have persons being exploited, the women particularly raped and so forth.”The RDC has raised these issues with the Police in F Division (Interior locations) and as a result of the discussion, there is now a higher Police presence and more female ranks were stationed at the Police outpost.Reports in 2015 stated that Baramita had recorded 48 suicide cases in four years before that time and from 2007, over 73 Carib persons from the community have committed suicide by hanging.In that same year, a six-year-old attempted to end his life. One year later, an 11-year-old boy succumbed after being given “high wine (high proof alcohol) and Banko (wine),” to consume. Additionally, there is the issue of mistreatment of women and children, which also requires urgent measures.Amerindian Affairs Minister Sydney Allicock has noted the issues facing Baramita and acknowledged that the suicide rate has increased over a short period of time, which could be caused by the abundance of alcohol distributed within the village by business people.last_img read more