SMC implements new study abroad program in Jamaica

first_imgThe Saint Mary’s Center for Women’s Intercultural Leadership (CWIL) will sponsor a new summer study abroad program in Jamaica, starting in May 2016.Dionne Bremyer, assistant professor of English, said she started the program because her family heritage is Jamaican, and she believes the island is full of culture most Saint Mary’s students can appreciate but do not know as well.“It’s a good place to go in terms of getting a different cultural experience and still being English-speaking,” Bremyer said. “I think some students might be intimidated by going places where there’s a language barrier, but they still want to have a cultural experience that’s different. … You can get a really different experience in Jamaica, but it’s still an English-speaking country.”Bremyer said she will be teaching a course on travel writing while in Jamaica.“We’re going to look at the dichotomy between being a tourist and being a traveler,” Bremyer said. “We’re going to talk about what it means to travel as opposed to what it means to engage in tourism. Jamaica is the perfect place to do that because its economy is so driven by tourism. Some of those questions about the ecological, the cultural, the financial impact of what tourism does to a country are really at large in Jamaica.”Bremyer said she wants students to have a better understanding of the world through their experiences in Jamaica.“It’s an amazing opportunity to experience a country that is so close to the United States and one that is so influenced by the United States, but one that people don’t really know a lot about,” she said. “[People] haven’t thought much about what this country is, who the people of this country are, and so much of that is defined by this tourist perception.“I think it will be a really unique opportunity to experience a place that is so close in terms of geography but so very different in terms of culture.”She said students in the program will gain a sense of how the cultures of the United States and Jamaica interact.“[It is] a chance to think critically about what it means when we spend our dollars traveling somewhere — what it means to make choices about the environment, about the world that we live in, about how we value other countries in relation to our own,” Bremyer said. “ … To experience the world and to think about the ways in which we can understand ourselves and the world and each other better by having an understanding of all the people who live on our planet.”The program will teach the history of the island to students through trips to a marine village and Port Royal, a hike in the Blue Mountains and visits to Jamaica’s Great Houses — plantation-style homes that used to be cotton and sugar farms. Students will also attend the Calabash Literary Festival, a three-day long festival with readings by published authors that celebrates the long literary tradition of Jamaica.Tags: CWIL, Jamaica, Saint Mary’s Center of Women’s Intercultural Leadership, SMC study abroadlast_img read more

Is It OK To Lie In a Relationship…Ever?.

first_img Sharing is caring! LifestyleRelationships Is It OK To Lie In a Relationship…Ever?. by: – July 29, 2011 Tweet Share Sharecenter_img Share By Rabbi Arnie Singer for GalTime.comIf you’re a publicly traded company there are strict laws that you must follow regarding full disclosure of relevant information. When you’re in a relationship the rules of full disclosure aren’t as clear. Am I saying that lying to a spouse or dating partner is ok? Well, it depends. What?!?! Yup, you heard me correctly. Let me elaborate.There are different types of lies. There are what they call “white lies” or good lies, and bad, deceitful lies (black lies?). When you’re a guest at someone’s dinner table and your hostess asks if you liked the soup, it’s obvious to all that even if you didn’t, you lie and say you did. You might not want to be too enthusiastic about it, though, because she might make you eat another serving.The Sages of the Talmud actually discussed a similar scenario. The question was how to praise a bride. One sage said that you should say that she is beautiful even if she isn’t. Another sage demanded that you be totally honest and simply praise something else about her that you honestly believe. For example, you might praise the bride’s gown or her personality instead of her beauty to avoid lying. Obviously, by following the latter opinion you probably will make her feel bad, but you won’t be lying. The first sage’s opinion ended up winning the Talmudic debate. In other words, a “white” lie to make someone feel good is fine. There are actually a few more scenarios where the sages of the Talmud permit “white” lies. In all cases, the lie is to protect someone from embarrassment or loss.MARRIAGE MANTRA..I think we can all agree that when your wife asks you if she looks fat in what she’s wearing, you should NEVER say yes even if it’s the God honest truth. However, in your desire to make her feel good you might actually be harming her by letting her believe that she looks good when she really doesn’t and exposing her to nasty comments and ridicule. The right thing to do is to suggest something else that you think will be more flattering for her. You might say, “I think you look nice in this but I think that other outfit you wore last week looks much better on you.” You’ve told her she looks nice and shown a sincere interest in her appearance, and you’ve given her some constructive advice that she will appreciate. You’ve triumphed where most men have failed.Sometimes not saying something that you really believe to be true and simply remaining silent is the right thing do to. Let’s say your husband is working as hard as he can but isn’t making as much money as you think you or your family need to live the kind of lifestyle you desire. By reminding him of this situation, which he is undoubtedly aware of, and fully disclosing your feelings you will only succeed in making him feel like a loser. Your financial situation won’t improve, but I can assure you that your relationship will suffer. If you feel so strongly that you MUST disclose your feelings, then speak to a friend or a counselor, but not to your husband and certainly not to your kids. If you want to be helpful, think of a way to make some extra money and offer to do it sincerely because you want to and not because you feel your husband isn’t capable of supporting his family.THE DATING GAME…What about when you’re dating? How much do you need to disclose about yourself, and your past? It depends on how long you are dating for. If you’re on your first few dates, you really shouldn’t have to disclose anything too personal unless, of course, you want to. When you feel that things are becoming serious then you must disclose things that will have a direct effect on your partner if the relationship progresses.For example, if you’re suffering from a serious medical condition that can severely effect your life or your ability to bear children, I believe that your partner has a right to know. But if you did things in your past that you are ashamed of and that you’ve totally given up, I don’t think that you need to tell your partner. According to Jewish philosophy, when a person sincerely repents and pledges not to repeat the offense, she can no longer be reminded of her sin. It’s as if it has been wiped clean from her past. Therefore, you don’t need to tell your partner that you experimented with drugs in the past or that you once worked as an exotic dancer to pay your way through college, unless you’re planning to continue taking drugs or stripping. It’s none of your partner’s business because it has no effect on him today or in the future. What happened in the past, stays in the past.Now what if your partner directly asks you if you ever did such and such? Can you lie and say you didn’t? Based on what I just said, the answer should be yes. However, there’s another factor that comes into play. Why is this person asking you this specific question? If it’s because he heard a rumor or has suspicions, then I think you might want to bring it into the open and come clean. Not because you have an ethical obligation to disclose everything. I believe that you don’t. But you want to be with someone who appreciates you for who you are, not for who they want you to be. Everyone makes mistakes. You probably will make mistakes in the future. You both will. If your partner can’t accept you, regardless of what you did in the past, then he is probably not the person you want to spend your life with. Making mistakes is part of life. So is moving on.There’s obviously a lot more to be said about this topic, but for now, here are some basic rules to follow:•White lies to avoid hurting someone are ok.•Sensitive, constructive advice is even better.•Full disclosure is only required when it’s about something that effects the person you are disclosing to. If it doesn’t, then it’s your choice whether to disclose or not.What are your thoughts on full disclosure? How much do you think you need to disclose to a spouse? A Dating partner? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below. 39 Views   no discussionslast_img read more

Ellsworth boys’ basketball ends GSA’s 31-game regular-season winning streak

first_img Part 2: When the injury is inside your head, some “don’t get it” – July 26, 2016 Latest Posts Bio Taylor VorthermsSports Editor at The Ellsworth AmericanTaylor Vortherms covers sports in Hancock County. The St. Louis, Missouri native recently graduated from the Missouri School of Journalism and joined The Ellsworth American in 2013. Part 1: Invisible, incapacitating concussions are sidelining high school athletes – July 19, 2016center_img Latest posts by Taylor Vortherms (see all) EHS names new boys’ soccer coach – July 13, 2016 ELLSWORTH — Even the George Stevens Academy boys’ basketball coach didn’t have anything negative to say Tuesday night after his team’s 60-58 loss at Ellsworth.“It was just a great game,” Dwayne Carter said with a shrug. “I feel like I don’t have anything bad to say.”The loss ended GSA’s 31-game regular-season winning streak and dropped the Class C North top seed’s record to 16-1. Ellsworth — the Class B North fourth seed — improved to 13-4, adding GSA to its list of recent point-worthy victories along with the top two Class B North squads: Washington Academy (15-2) and Orono (14-3).“This is a big win for us. They’re all big wins,” Ellsworth coach Peter Austin said. “Our defensive intensity has really stepped up since we played them [GSA] the last time.”This is placeholder textThis is placeholder textOn Jan. 4, GSA outscored Ellsworth 19-4 in the second quarter en route to a 52-47 win.This time, Ellsworth didn’t need to spend its second half climbing out of a hole. The team thrived behind the 3-point arc, where Ellsworth scored its first six points and where Nicholas Bagley would sink four momentum-changing shots.After two Bagley free throws, Ellsworth had built a 13-9 lead halfway into the first quarter. On GSA’s next two drives, the team missed three consecutive 3-pointers, all of which danced around the rim. Beckett Slayton finally ended GSA’s 3-point drought to cut Ellsworth’s lead to 13-12.From there, Taylor Schildroth and Max Mattson scored a combined six points for GSA, while Ellsworth scored just one, before the quarter ended. GSA ended the opening period up 18-14.Bagley opened the second quarter with a 3-pointer. But GSA pulled away again with a Schildroth field goal and Jarrod Chase 3-pointer — a five-point lead the team sustained until the final minute of the period. Dylan Kelley hit two foul shots for Ellsworth to enter halftime down just 26-23.In the third quarter, the two teams came out meeting each other shot-for-shot. With GSA up 30-25, Bagley hit another 3-pointer to bring Ellsworth within just two points.Mattson and Chase answered back with a basket each to increase GSA’s lead to 34-28 — the team’s biggest of the game.Ellsworth forward Nicholas Bagley drives in for a layup in Tuesday’s 60-58 win over George Stevens Academy. PHOTO BY HUGH BOWDENHarmon then kicked off a nine-point scoring run with a layup for Ellsworth, capped off by a Bruce St. Peter steal and dunk that triggered a thunderous reaction from the stands. Ellsworth had taken a 37-34 lead with three minutes left in the third quarter.Chase gave the other side of the gymnasium something to cheer about when he hit a 3-pointer to tie the score 37-37. It was the last time GSA would close the gap.Up 39-37 entering the final period, Ellsworth continued to build on its lead. Bagley and Kyle Golding each hit a 3-pointer that helped pull Ellsworth up 49-39. Meanwhile, Mattson — GSA’s 6-foot-5 center — fouled out with five minutes left.“Max fouling out made a big difference,” Carter said. “The big thing was we came right back.”While Ellsworth began to struggle at the foul line, Slayton, Schildroth and Stefan Simmons chipped away at the 10-point deficit.With less than a minute remaining, Simmons hit a 3-pointer to decrease Ellsworth’s lead to 56-54.“The clock couldn’t run fast enough,” Austin said with a smile. “We made it a little hard on ourselves with our foul shooting.”But Ellsworth made its free throws when it counted. Golding sunk two with the clock stopped at 28.8 seconds, which Chase matched on the following GSA drive with a layup.With 7.4 seconds left and Ellsworth up 58-56, Harmon stepped up to the foul line. Harmon had missed four of his last five free throws, but he didn’t miss his shot to put the game away.Harmon made both free throws to give Ellsworth a two-possession lead. The points proved crucial when Chase answered with a field goal as the final buzzer sounded.“They did a nice job coming back,” Austin said of GSA. “They never quit.”For GSA, Chase led the team with 14 points while Schildroth and Slayton contributed 11 each.For Ellsworth, Bagley scored a game-high 17 points. Harmon added 16 points, and Golding had 11. St. Peter scored eight points while grabbing 10 rebounds.Ellsworth will get a chance to rectify its Jan. 6 loss to No. 3-ranked Mount Desert Island (14-3) on Thursday when the two teams meet again in their final game of the regular season. The outcome could decide whether Ellsworth will receive a bye in the preliminary round.With GSA’s first-place rank already secured, Carter said the loss, though painful, was good experience for his team headed into the post-season.“We needed to play a game like this that was close in a tournament atmosphere,” Carter said. “They lost, and they’re ready to start a new streak.”GSA will host Searsport (12-5) on Thursday in its final home game of the season.Find more photos of this game here.MDI 73, Central 40Riley Swanson scored a game-high 14 points to lead MDI past Central (10-7) on Tuesday.Searsport 59, Sumner 53Patrick Pinkham paced Sumner (8-10) with 18 points en route to Monday’s loss to Searsport.Ellsworth 56, John Bapst 31Ellsworth surged to a 14-point halftime lead en route to Saturday’s win over John Bapst (5-12). Nick Bagley paced Ellsworth with 21 points, and Zach Harris added 12.GSA 62, Penquis 47Max Mattson scored 19 points and grabbed 10 rebounds to lead GSA past Penquis (3-14) on Saturday.MDI 78, Foxcroft 71Andrew Phelps led four MDI players in double-digits with 16 points en route to Friday’s win over Foxcroft (5-12).Lee 62, Bucksport 55Tyler Pye tallied 17 points while Kyle Jackson and Austin Mason each had 11 for Bucksport (13-4) en route to Friday’s loss to Lee (14-3).Ellsworth 40, Orono 38After trailing 36-26 in the third quarter, Ellsworth outscored Orono 14-2 in the last eight minutes for the win Wednesday.Bruce St. Peter, who scored a game-high 19 points, hit the winning layup for the Eagles as time expired.GSA 62, Lee 51Taylor Schildroth led GSA past Lee with 19 points, 10 assists and six rebounds on Wednesday. Jarrod Chase added 16 points while Max Mattson contributed eight points, eight blocks and 13 rebounds for GSA.last_img read more