Indignation in Atlético for the sanction of Fede Valverde

first_imgThis article states: “Occur violently on the occasion of the game or as a direct consequence of any set of the game, provided that the action originates risk, but no harmful or harmful consequences occur, it will be sanctioned with suspension of one to three matches or for a period of up to a month. “Atlético and his fans understand that the kick of Fede Valverde did entail risk for Morata, although Sánchez Martínez did not want to see it that way. The Real Madrid player himself regretted having used in this way in the play with Morata and even the Real Madrid coach, Zidane, admitted that the action “was rude, but it had to be done.” The Athletic one, nevertheless, has not presented / displayed allegations to the sanction of Fede Valverde. Understand that all part of the bad writing of the minutes of a collegiate who also left very happy to the rojiblancos players. In Atlético’s locker room they understood that Sánchez Martínez was not equanimous when it came to pointing out yellow cards. Atlético and the rojiblanca fans are outraged by the sanction of a match of the Competition Committee to Fede Valverde for the kick he gave Morata in the final minutes of the Spanish Super Cup match. Indignation in that this action was worthy of a greater punishment. In the club they consider that the kick of Fede Valverde put to have caused damage to the player of the Athletic one. The red and white fans, meanwhile, expressed their discomfort in social networks. The writing of the minutes of the colleague Sánchez Martínez was not very descriptive of the action and has helped the sanction to be minimal. The referee said Valverde was expelled for “knocking down an opponent thereby preventing a clear chance of scoring.” In the rojiblanco club they consider that the minutes are badly written. According to it, Fede Valverde has been sanctioned by applying article 114.1 when, had the act been written in accordance with what happened on the field, the Real Madrid player had to be sanctioned by applying article 123. In that case his sanction would have been between one and three meetings.last_img read more