nto the food and beverage industry entrepreneurs have to have these good mentality

food market has always been highly competitive, many food and beverage entrepreneurs who have withstood the test of the mentality, the mentality of the food and beverage entrepreneurs will be eliminated. So what do you need a good mentality? Here are a few good mentality, you can help the rapid success of food and beverage entrepreneurs.

A, don’t worry when the boss

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Network purchasing do not earn money to see the story and then judge

despite misgivings about a network of purchasing a piece, but there are still people who cannot resist the temptation of overseas purchasing, and an air crew with their own unique resources successfully wrote online purchasing of rich miracle, let’s look at her pioneering readme:

"shop is my childhood wish, did not expect to come true. Although very hard, but very interesting, but also very satisfied." This year 28 year old white said. She is an online beauty store purchasing shopkeeper, but this is only her part-time job, as airlines flight attendants with her work and personal advantage from around the world can purchase to skin care, cosmetic products is far lower than the domestic counter price. It is precisely because of this, the store came into being.

4 years ago, white Rui candidates became an airline flight attendants, often serving international flights, she have a chance to travel around the world, more frequent Pudong day to buy duty-free shops, so far lower than the domestic counter price of beauty products. read more

What work should be done before and after the opening of the new store

new store opened, if you want to open the market, want to get a higher visibility, it is necessary to do a good job related work. So, what should be done before and after the opening of new stores? And let Xiaobian for everyone to do a simple analysis.

1, before the opening of the new store need to arrange a certain number of the opening of the flags, it is recommended to choose the festival or Saturday, day opening.

2, the opening of the shop to try on the trial, fill out the gift to receive a registration form to send a gift, so far.

3, during the opening 1 weeks or ten days (not too long), "buy one" bargain purchase activities, all send a gift. Or during the opening of the new store in the field after the discount XX fold discount activities, activities should not exceed 10 days.

7 days before the opening of the new store in

4, the city of the line, conditional, can be in the best local TV stations to do the prime time every night, 2 times the opening of the subtitle advertising. read more

From hand travel to social networking platform 80 entrepreneurs get B level financing

mobile phone software development is currently the majority of technology innovation companies will be involved in the field, but to achieve long-term profitability of mobile phone software is not a simple thing. After 80 young people Mao Jingxiang to hand travel as a starting point, the gradual spread of the company’s business, access to hundreds of millions of B round of financing, called young entrepreneurs example.

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The eighth Sino British entrepreneurship Contest Finals held successfully in China

more than the Chinese people in entrepreneurship, European and American countries are also actively promoting entrepreneurship, recently, the eighth session of the Sino British entrepreneurship Contest Finals perfect ending for the Chinese and British entrepreneurs who want to provide an exchange platform.

2016 in January 19th, the all England finals by China Entrepreneurship Development Association, the new Guangzhou knowledge city, Guangzhou returnees Association jointly organized the new Guangzhou Knowledge City International Innovation Conference and the eighth session of the Sino British business competition China District in Whampoa  District in the new Guangzhou knowledge city planning exhibition hall is held ceremoniously. From the government, technology, legal, academic, investment and financial sectors consists of more than one hundred guests attended the event, the chief economist of the Guangzhou Development Zone of Guangzhou City, Zhang Hui, deputy director of the office of He Jiangbo cooperation, the new Guangzhou knowledge city investment and Development Co. Ltd. President Huang Guoxiang, President Cheng Ran and other leaders attended the Guangzhou returnees association. read more

Recommended rural breeding venture

now says there is a popular project in rural areas, should be the number of the aquaculture industry, aquaculture industry in rural areas now wide can be said to be a very popular industry, while in rural areas itself aquaculture industry is very popular.

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nvestment in early education programs need to be vigilant

early development of the industry is growing faster and faster, so many committed to join the education industry entrepreneurs, have joined the early education projects, how to reduce the risk of entrepreneurship? For their own to create a promising early education program? Each entrepreneur must be vigilant, carefully select the project, responsible for their wealth!

for those who understand the early education market, investors interested in investing in early childhood education center, the early education is very popular, early education to join the industry is fully worthy of investment. But now education and training projects endless patterns, uneven quality, inevitably full of traps. The usual means are as follows:

1, advocating investment small, high return.

2, buy media for false advertising, unlimited exaggerated the role of distance education, the importance of defamation of school education.

3, the form of child care, manufacturing investors have a lot of people to investigate the illusion of investment, investors lose the ability to distinguish into the trap. read more

Want to success must move slow

a lot of ways to get rich, find their own way, you can open the door to wealth. In recent years, with the diversification of employment, many young people in our city embarked on the road of independent entrepreneurship. From working for others to be your own boss, some entrepreneurs in the successful transformation of hard work, but there are also people in the market and industry information, did not fully understand the operation and management of the absence of any experience blindly entrepreneurship, results in the entrepreneurial road "with broken halberds defeat".

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Join the digital wonder aunt dumplings

love to eat dumplings on the Boiled dumplings consumers, certainly this brand is not strange, indeed, it is a very good brand Boiled dumplings, although the price is not cheap, but every day is full of customers. In order to develop its cause, it also for the community to engage in business, but this is the investment, but let a lot of people have joined its numbers have doubts!

"national chain" such words in the eyes of many people on behalf of the store merchandise is popular. However, in these "national chain" under the signs of how much water? Recently, a reader of a Nanchang "dumplings" sign on the "national chain 1060th" slogan questioned, that "1060" is a exaggerated figure.

"1060th" shop has been questioned.

Mr. Ma is a northerner /

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Waiter bottle hit the customer because the customer feel the urge for food

customer reminder because too loud, feel lost face, the restaurant waiter picked up the bottle at the customer, the customer’s head in a bag is swollen. At present, the police have been involved in the investigation.

6 in the evening, people have a busy day from work, enjoy your leisure time.

worry queue, Mr. Zhou immediately after work, with a friend, came to Hankou Wuhan Southland West Plaza restaurant. They point out several bottles of beer, ready to drink a few cups.

let Mr. Zhou did not think of is, haven’t drink beer, the shop attendant picked up a bottle of beer, his head hit a big bag, just because he said a word……

waiting to exhale   not enter

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Worked hard for 20 years to buy luxury no longer have the drift

for a drift of the people, are very difficult to buy a house in Beijing, let alone buy a house, house prices in Beijing have now let people flinch, but there are a couple of people worked hard for 20 years to buy luxury, one family can finally live half a catty of luxury!

2016 March 31st, Beijing, east of the city of Victoria, a high-end residential area, Ms. Gu guidelines several porters will be customized furniture moved to the two floor. Early in the morning, Ms. Gu and her husband to clean up the new home, and a few days later, the family will move into the villa about twenty million yuan.

2006 for overheated real estate prices over the issue, the government introduced the six countries, requiring new commercial housing, the proportion of 90 square meters of housing must reach more than 70% of the total area of development and construction. Over the years this policy has been restricted to the large commercial housing supply on the market. At the same time as the supply of land in Beijing, fell within the city of Victoria, saturation volume rate, improve the type of high-end, customer groups and more and more, now Beijing, high-quality "luxury" project has undoubtedly become rare resources". So who bought the Beijing luxury house? read more

What strategies should be adopted to ensure the successful management of green products

no matter what is the business of the shop, people want to master the management skills is absolutely indispensable. Now environmental protection products franchise business strategy? Practical skills to enable people to operate more smoothly!

1. "escape" is the small and medium-sized enterprises to avoid confrontation and large enterprises in the small stage, which is to avoid the production of quality products and large enterprises the same product, avoiding the large enterprise market stronghold strong large enterprises, to avoid the traditional distribution channels, to avoid the use of large enterprises used to make promotional trick. Otherwise, the use of large-scale enterprises and the same marketing strategy, not only because of mutual collision and self defeating, but also due to the always living in the shadow of the giant and always difficult to develop.

2. "borrowing" is that small and medium-sized enterprises should make full use of the resources of large enterprises to develop themselves. Large enterprises with good reputation and famous brands, small and medium-sized enterprises can be wrong, large enterprises have a broad marketing network quickly, SMEs can borrow; large enterprises have abundant capital and advanced management technology, small and medium-sized enterprises can also be wrong…… As long as SMEs have the ability to integrate resources, everything can be used for it. read more

Entrepreneurship is not just an effort to choose the project

not only need to work hard to succeed, but also need luck and predictability and judgment of the future. Most of the time, get rich, choose the project, it is important, then how to choose the project /


for a product or service, if the market has various stages of consumer brand, we don’t want to squeeze the market, because to squeeze the market, you must have the sales terminal, not terminal, who is willing to go to the agent for a non brand name products or service to the mature industry market competition? So the first principle is the product must be able to form a brand. read more

What are the operating methods of the corner steak shop

food and beverage industry has been very popular in the industry, one of the Western-style food industry is more of an industry, so that the majority of entrepreneurs choose now, Western-style food occupy the domestic catering market very high proportion, good prospects for development, many investors are optimistic about the project is to join. But in order to successfully run a western restaurant, is not a simple matter, need to master certain methods and techniques. In this paper, the corner steak shop, for example, made a detailed introduction.

corner steak shop is a slow food culture, operating a corner steak shop, which really need to pay attention to. Now investors have been fooled by fast food culture, resulting in a slow meal, fast food business, this is the wrong way of doing business. Such a small detail, if you do not pay attention to the corner steak shops will certainly be reduced earnings. Since you have learned to use it.

Innovation and improvement of

dishes. Through the investigation, research and demonstration of the diet structure of the western countries, the Western diet has found that the Western diet structure has the problem of excess nutrition. The principle of adjustment is three lower than two, that is, low fat, low salt, low sugar, high fiber, high protein. read more

Need to guard against the risk of opening the West four

what kind of business are risky, open Western-style food stores is no exception, all kinds of risks existing in the business is more, but this did not weaken its investment, because Western-style food prospects in Chinese. In this case, entrepreneurs in the west to open the store to avoid the following four major risks.

the first open Western-style food stores to avoid the risk of time, time difference to join the risk brought by Western-style food delicacy is the biggest, for many reasons, such as the seasonal change of food consumption, the influence of the product market life cycle, consumer time changes, the business activities in the competition time difference etc.. The countermeasures is to set up the concept of time, often to observe and analyze the development and change of things in time movement trend may affect the business to join to bring Western-style food delicacy, try to eliminate the interference and damage time of risk to achieve business objectives, accurately grasp the opportunity, to ensure the normal operation of Western food delicacy franchise. read more

The third Jiangsu science and technology entrepreneurship contest just ended

are now held everywhere a series of competition, innovation and Entrepreneurship recently, the third session of the Jiangsu science and technology entrepreneurship contest kicked off in Changzhou, but also attracted many domestic entrepreneurial team and enterprises to participate, has received very good results.

11, the third Jiangsu science and technology innovation contest in the manufacturing industry semi-finals in Wujin national hi tech Zone started.

competition led by the provincial science and Technology Department, to guide the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the provincial education department, the Provincial Department of Finance and other departments, keynote is the integration of elements of innovation and entrepreneurship, build "science and technology project collection, optimization, counseling competition, venture roadshow docking, promotion of small and medium sized enterprises" service platform, to enhance the scientific and technological level of entrepreneurship, to attract overseas outstanding entrepreneurial team and corporate entrepreneurship development. read more

Using mobile phone APP power outlets

The popularity of

mobile phones and the rapid development of smart phones, so that a variety of APP began to come out, in people’s lives has a very broad application. In short, the widespread popularity of smart phones, mobile app this word began to appear frequently and popular. Mobile phone app, equivalent to English Application, simply say that the application software is the intelligent mobile phone, communications, games, entertainment, social networking, practical life, such as "WeChat", "public comment", "angry birds"……

I do not know since when, my store appeared in a sweep code family, in the purchase of any goods will come up with the phone sweep sweep. At the beginning, I do not know where the mobile phone scan code function, so those with doubts inquiry scan code, they told me, as long as it is genuine, using a mobile phone in the "check" software sweep barcode, there will be prompt, and show other details.

mobile phone APP actually can identify the authenticity of goods? This is a strange thing. So we downloaded the installation of the first time, I look up, try to use it to make a strong basis for commodity marketing. Not to mention, this "I look up" can really play a role. Especially for the purchase of some of the more upscale goods customers, when they questioned the quality of the goods and hesitant, as long as the phone to sweep, and then give them a look, most of them will pay to buy. read more

How to run a lighting shop


Home Furnishing industry, lighting products are very popular, especially now that people are very focused on the Home Furnishing life experience, for the quality of the lighting products demand, has a special liking, so business lighting products store need to pay attention to what?

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The feasibility analysis of investment in maternal and child living museum

maternal and child market is a huge potential, many entrepreneurs are the most promising industry. Investment in maternal and child living museum allows you to easily do the boss, a huge wealth of business opportunities you caught it, let us look at what the feasibility of it.


practical brand franchise serious blank

The transition period has not yet been formed in China’s

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