The first shop bee suffered life Waterloo does not give up and innovation performance

everyone’s entrepreneurial path is not smooth, will experience such difficulties. A rural girl, after graduating from high school into the City venture back to the sea, to create a brilliant, was the county champion private tax. A special failure, so that the peak of her career from the bottom of the valley, almost nothing.

1980 years after graduating from high school, Liu Xianmei road from village home Zhao hometown to Jiangshan County, he opened a tailor shop in the city with the elder sister. Six months later, the eldest sister shut the tailor shop, and her husband went out to beekeeping. Liu Xianmei, who has been a master tailor, has opened a tailor’s shop.

1984 years, her "bee farm" tax amount to the top of the whole country private tax first, the taxes paid by the state owned private enterprises accounted for 1/10 of the total tax. At that time, she paid millions of dollars a year.

"Waterloo life" career development, a good life, Liu Xianmei has a new idea. 1992, Liu Xianmei felt her daughter is 8 years old, career development is stable, want to go to college for further study. After a few years in the tailor’s shop read more

Tesla team to send the connotation of luxury White Valentine’s Day


with love the people together every day is Valentine’s day, but true to the Valentine’s day that day, people still need to be said, in the white people in Shanghai have the plot, a big event, the team sent Tesla beef, this is how the luxury connotation!

3 14 in the morning, in the vicinity of Shanghai city intellectual Industrial Park, gathered a large number of "Chaoyang people", it is significant to happen? The camera closer! For a closer look, dozens of cars Tesla electric car to greet, it is show? How will the horse in the road? Why? Our hands the beef is what? I found a curious side of the "Chaoyang" people ask a clear, the original luxury fleet sent Tesla beef.

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Some of the most suitable for students to read a good book

from the heavy middle school life, the students went to the university after feeling very relaxed. However, after the carnival, many students will feel very empty and confused. For these students, Xiao Bian recommend a few good books for college students to read, you will open up the future of the fog.

1, "read university, what to read" (Tan Biaoxi)

"University, read" what exactly is a young university graduates a reflection on College life. For a prospective college student, this is a book that has no reason to ignore. It is the best-selling Chinese college student guide book in recent years, the book catalog with a 25 year old chairman of the college students to give the advice of the name of the 18 widely spread on the internet.

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Shop operators embarrassed to be good at passing

in the store operation process, it is what kind of things can happen, embarrassment is a lot more, if it happens that, it has a very negative impact on the operation of shops will. More than nine minutes late last night, I was cleaning the store, ready to close the door, came in with a total of three customers, the average age of about 50.

two of them are my gold customers, and the other is a new customer. Gold customers in the name of Liang Liang to buy a box of pure milk, payment, the new customer suddenly said: this kind of milk big supermarket to sell thirty-seven boxes, and the happiness of the supermarket is only $twenty-seven. The day before yesterday, I called her and bought two boxes, drink good."

I took the beam of red to forty dollars, listen to her so say, really a little overwhelmed, involuntarily looking to buy milk beam red. I do not know whether it is my eyes, or listen to the reasons for her companions, Liang Hong looks a bit unnatural.

"is not a soft bag? Mengniu?" I asked softly. read more

What are some of the techniques of cooking

One of the most popular

delicacy in the food industry is to take food, but also delicious taste, then ask why many take food does not eat? The reason is very simple, mainly because they do not have the right to grasp the core technology of the traditional dishes, it is open to open a food shop, go with the flow shop. Time will not be too long, no matter what kind of snacks, the most exquisite or taste. There is no authentic taste, then you do not do the dishes, do not take the food as an entrepreneurial project. To take the food in your insistence, only insist on good taste is the last word.

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High income rural Narcissus ball

is a rural place although no vast territory and abundant resources, the city is so advanced, but it has its unique advantages, can be carried out in rural areas of entrepreneurship, especially in planting and breeding projects in the areas of many, many people are so profitable, planting a cactus is a very optimistic about the project, the following do an analysis on it the benefits.

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How to seize the market opportunities bathroom enterprises

sanitary ware industry competition is also very intense, a lot of small bathroom enterprises because of the pressure of competition can not withstand the collapse, which also makes many owners of the bathroom business thinking. How to seize the market opportunities? This is a lot of bathroom business owners are thinking about the problem.

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How to deal with the small restaurant hibernation

is not only the animals need to hibernate, for many of the current shops, due to changes in the weather in winter, people simply do not want to go to the streets, leading to these shops also encountered such a special moment. In short, many small restaurants including many traditional restaurants shops will face hibernation, the so-called off-season comes less traffic of the period known as the "hibernation".

1, winter food must do takeaway

in the summer people may be more love to go to some snack bar, but in winter especially in the northern winter, winter is basically not what power go to the street to eat snacks, so many catering enterprises. For this period of time the. In fact, might as well take a takeaway or very effective.

2, starting from the drink, drink more hot

winter is even eat all need courage of the season, because everywhere is cold, so this time we do not give consumers drink cold drinks, more hot drinks, in the southern city of Guangdong for example, we take a double Run menu form. read more

Stimulate entrepreneurship dull management

said entrepreneurship, more passion, more is to stimulate the road of entrepreneurship is full of countless unknowns, there are a lot of puzzling, let people lose things. However, contrary to entrepreneurship, management is relatively dull!

in the economic operation, never need what hero. Well managed enterprises have always advocated from the end of the nerve to see a little bit of management, profit from the fine management, especially in the development of the market more fully, the profit space is gradually reduced, the case is even more so. read more

Open jewelry store is not easy to lay a good foundation will develop

jewelry jewelry store to considerable profits, of course, also There are plenty of people who want to be successful, the experience of a jewelry store is not easy, businesses with the needs of the local market, formulate the corresponding marketing plan, thus a good foundation for the long-term development of the store lay.

1, first of all to do a good job positioning, is to do in the high-end, or do for the general public of the low-grade products. As small ornaments are some of the more commonly used consumer goods, it is recommended that investors choose small and medium jewelry to sell better.

2, but also to find a location, buy small accessories generally targets are more clear, at the shopping mall nearby, so there will be a lot of benefits in the mall traffic driven. Investors can also choose to open a small shop near the relevant store, such as schools, etc..

3, but also know how to promote publicity. Any store just opened when there will not be how many people know, therefore, investors must be good publicity in the shop. You can go out in front of the store will be out of publicity, but also do a good job of a series of promotional activities, in order to open the door of your reputation. read more

ce cream stores have a good business how to do

open an ice cream shop is a good choice for many entrepreneurs, because the ice cream with less investment and quick returns and attracted many people to join, then the market so much ice cream shop, you want to make your own ice cream and talent shows itself should be how to do? Here is the next minute.

1. brand image and product quality is the key. Chinese liquorish, and believe in "a doctrine of good goods are not cheap", only the selected mature market influential in the choice to join the brand in order to allow you to easily open the market, opened at the beginning by the consumers, only in the brand image and product quality are full of hard work, can as you get to the customer.

2. lot selection is very important. When you determine your scope of business and brand, should choose a suitable business premises, important sections can not be ignored, only to open the market in larger traffic lots can, of course if you store the higher grades, they should have to set up shop in the your target customer groups a haunt of, such as high-end residential neighborhood, want to choose the right places according to their location. read more

Wanzai county held entrepreneurship training women to participate

is now in some urban areas, there are a lot of women are not idle at home, at the same time, this part of the labor force is still very regrettable, recently, Wanzai County of Jiangxi province in some communities to carry out some entrepreneurship training.

"old at home playing mahjong is not interesting, might as well learn. Community entrepreneurship training courses to help me, I am determined to do something, even if the failure will not regret it." Wanzai County of Jiangxi Province, Kangle Street East Community unemployed women in entrepreneurship training class Yu Lei raises his voice, the other 23 students also have the same feelings.

to run the training class, the community invited Yichun University entrepreneurship training instructors, a PhD in economics to teach red dragon. Lonpos training from the two aspects of entrepreneurial awareness and Entrepreneurship Program, but also for women’s personality and social division of labor, carefully set up the curriculum content, selection and promotion of entrepreneurial projects, adopted to explain and interactive teaching methods, combined with the specific case, to facilitate students to understand and accept. read more

How to choose the right business opportunities middle aged

now the whole social life under increasing pressure, especially some middle-aged people tend to face a dilemma under the old and small, in such a thing, there are many middle-aged people will choose a boat to start breaking axe.

A, the choice of investment to seize the four basic points of

1. to have the relevant professional skills or skills as a support

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How can we get a better income in the hot pot

shop revenue, which is a matter of course, but different shops, operating conditions are different, the proceeds will be different. For operators, only to get a better income, it can be such a store to get a better long-term operation. So, how can we get a better income in the spicy pot?

in the production of spicy hot pot at the same time, to be recognized by consumers, this is the real quality of diet price is proportional to the number of the spicy hot pot franchise to achieve value for money, do spicy pot stores make food for consumers to spend the money is worth.

for the same spicy pot, in the time of operation, to understand the skills of the market economy, this project is in the severe market development, is a good business. Although this aspect of the problem is very important, but the specific or to entrepreneurs in the hot pot restaurant operation, from a number of angles.

open a spicy hot pot franchise, first of all to do from the consumer’s point of view, is the need to consider the consumers do not eat, not eat, for different consumer groups is an important content of design components. Spicy hot pot industry investment, the right way is the key to master the method, so perhaps you can also clear that entrepreneurs need to step forward, on the way to be careful, all starting from the beginning, very important. read more

How to run a Fasthotel

no matter where to go, must be inseparable from the basic necessities of life, especially in today’s society, people’s business talks, travel activities gradually rich, Fasthotel as an important part of it, must be indispensable. But what if you run a Fasthotel? This is for the initial entrepreneurs, is not a simple matter, so interested friends quickly look at it.

open a Fasthotel needs to find the most suitable place to set up shop, good can address in sales and customer communication is very good, the novice first a survey in a crowded place.

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College students drop out of business 4 years to earn 30 million

in the network today, there are a lot of network business expert in our life, so some business expert actually have an extraordinary entrepreneurial road, next to the entrepreneur, the entrepreneurial experience is very wonderful.

80 small Xing Shuai is such a network Denver, the love of computer technology network education of young people, after dropping out of college to join the computer software technology, the development of their hobby into a company. Xing Xing network computer training institute has a hundred training team, thirty thousand students fees, income of more than 30 million yuan in four years.

in a number of money on the success of the era, a college dropout is how successful? read more

Fu Ji Jiang’s old Beijing Noodles with Soy Bean Paste joined the market opportunities without troubl

in chowhound world, eating is always very hot topic. Want to eat healthy, comfortable eating, delicious to eat, to choose the surname Fu Ji old Beijing Noodles with Soy Bean Paste? High quality entrepreneurial projects, the success of entrepreneurship worth joining!

Jiang’s old Beijing Fuji Noodles with Soy Bean Paste do selected ingredients. Fu Ji Jiang’s old Beijing Noodles with Soy Bean Paste sophisticated technology, natural ingredients, noodles and Shougan, Mianbao be fine, smooth, chewy, exquisite pasta, rich imagination can let a person feel Jiang’s old Beijing Fuji Noodles with Soy Bean Paste slim slender hand smart and intellectual virtues.

Jiang’s old Beijing Fuji Noodles with Soy Bean Paste has many years of experience in operation and management of food and beverage brands, was invited to a professional team operation, worthy of trust. Fu Ji Jiang’s old Beijing Noodles with Soy Bean Paste less investment, low operation cost, no kitchen model, standardized management, greatly reduces the cost of operation. You want to be able to enter, no investment threshold. Fu Ji Jiang’s old Beijing Noodles with Soy Bean Paste franchisees to buy raw materials, low cost, very competitive prices, has a wide range of consumer groups. read more

The whole of people of Jiaxing held colorful lantern festival activities Glutinous Rice Ba

tomorrow is the traditional festival lantern festival, in the annual Lantern Festival, people will choose what activities to celebrate the Lantern Festival? For this problem, the people of Jiaxing to celebrate the Lantern Festival through their own special color dumplings, so that more people to participate in activities, it is worthy of attention.

black sesame seeds, five kernels, fresh meat and other traditional tastes is the favorite of the villagers in the past year’s Lantern Festival, this year may not be the same, through their own production is different from the market in the sale of glutinous rice balls, the kind of happiness do not mention how strong. Purple sweet potato but Huang Wan’s specialty, today it is also useful. The villagers took the purple potato peel, then boil, put the soup and a purple glutinous rice flour evenly stir together; then fill in skin paste of the purple sweet potato pie, a beautiful purple Glutinous Rice Balls made.

colorful glutinous rice balls can not be green. Buy green tea powder and crystal green, in powder, then wrapped myself to boil the bean paste, red bean with lard flavor, let the kids smell on DC slobber. read more

Ganzhou venture capital loans have been successfully supported more than 100 thousand entrepreneurs

for most entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship is one of the most urgent needs of resources must be funding. In recent years, all over the country have opened a variety of venture capital channels for the application of the work carried out in Ganzhou to start the work of secured loans recently won a national honor, which is a great support for entrepreneurship.

12 7 July from Ganzhou City Labor Employment Service Management Bureau came the good news: in the day before at the Chinese Banking Association "micro entrepreneurship Award" awards ceremony, re employment in Ganzhou City, small loan Credit Guarantee Center won the "best social performance management award". This is the second in 2012 was named "national employment advanced unit" and in 2015 was named "national heroine civilized post" title, and a national award from the center. At the same time, into the business loan guarantee work experience in the city for the first time issued "2015 Chinese microfinance industry development report" and "excellent micro finance cases", as the promotion highlights national venture loans field. read more