Clever use of mathematical algorithms can make customers too expensive

No matter how

goods, buy goods regardless of how much the price, for a customer any, will not abandon the prices of goods are cheap, want more affordable price. So, many times we sell the goods, whether it is hundreds of thousands or tens of dollars or even a few dollars, will inevitably encounter customer complaints: too expensive, others sell cheaper than you".


is pure without sales, the purchase price of the sale is the customer that we are too expensive, the lion big mouth of the unscrupulous businessmen, good mood when we may speak in a kind manner and customer bargaining, to explain when the bad mood will inevitably be blurted out: "a penny", "who who are you looking for cheap to buy", "knowledge does not know ah, love to buy these" bad words are like a sword to God, as can be imagined our customers self-esteem will hurt, the mood will be more and more depressed, and may irritate consumers, caused the dispute.

see the customer we will own suddenly go off in a huff, just words of regret. The customer is God, to offend God is to lose his job. However, people have feelings of the animal, our retailers also have their own the passions, also have some negative emotions, in the face of not understanding customer or even misunderstanding, we can not guarantee that every living in the heart of anger, the words hurt our pride but also strong customer smile. read more

As a municipal Party first phase of earthquake disaster mitigation training

the afternoon of September 27th, the municipal Party first phase of knowledge of earthquake disaster reduction training course began in the "young cadre training class" in the autumn of 2011. Xu Chuanjie, director of the earthquake prevention department of the Provincial Seismological Bureau, made a report on the topic of "Wenchuan, Yushu, Japan and other big earthquakes".
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Nearly half of the population of the province to achieve urban settlement

Reporters from the Qinghai Provincial Bureau of statistics, 26, as one of the country’s five major pastoral areas of Qinghai’s urban population has reached up to 2 million 803 thousand people, accounting for the province’s total population of more than, an increase of 29.9 percentage points higher than in 1978. Qinghai province is located in the eastern part of Qinghai Tibet Plateau, which accounts for 96% of the total area of the province. Due to the traditional mode of operation of animal husbandry scattered, herders have long been living by the water. Statistics show that since 2000 the implementation of the western development strategy, Qinghai province population urbanization rate of an average annual increase of 1.1 percentage points, three county-level city in the province has Xining, Haidong two cities, Delingha, Golmud, Yushu. In order to speed up the process of urbanization in the vast number of pastoral areas, from the beginning of 2009, Qinghai actively promote the settlement of herdsmen, has helped at least 500 thousand people to achieve the town of the masses of animal husbandry area. According to the plan, by 2020, Qinghai province will invest at least 4 billion yuan, initially built 80 location advantages of small towns, then these small town life garbage, sewage harmless treatment rate will reach more than 85%, road hardening rate will reach more than 90%. read more

Huangyuan three countryside activities started yesterday

to further cultivate and practice the socialist core values, build a harmonious new countryside construction, the majority of active rich people’s spiritual and cultural life, from February 10th onwards, Huangyuan county science and technology culture and health three countryside activities kicked off.

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Footbridge access to pedestrians Che Rangdao

. Recently, Xining people reflect that the overpass was supposed to facilitate pedestrian traffic, parking a city through the company can Jing Lin victory road under the bridge, there are many vehicles parked in the barrier at the outlet of every day, to the pedestrian traffic inconvenience. According to Mr Li said the overpass is an important way to facilitate pedestrian crossing, but Jing Lin Bridge is located on the road victory under a parking lot, some parked vehicles will access blocked exit, pedestrian traffic is very convenient, especially pushing a wheelchair disabled people over the bridge is more difficult. Reporters yesterday morning to the scene to see the vehicle tail in the north forest landscape bridge barrier free exit parked next to the green barrier zone, blocking the flyover will exit completely, pedestrian traffic only gap in the middle between two cars. A footbridge public side walking around the car angrily told reporters: "the parking lot at the money, good openings being parked cars blocked, do not know whether the minority interests or important, convenient and safe pedestrian important?" There is no pedestrians, barriers to exports for disabled wheelchair access, but the traffic clogged with pedestrians after all the difficulties, not to mention the disabled wheelchairs, the relevant administrative departments should strengthen the management, make the management to the parking lot exit flyover enough width for pedestrians, don’t let no obstacle exports become jam. Reporters on the matter to the Qinghai Xinhao Parking Management Limited complaints hotline of the reflection, said it would send staff to the scene to view, parking management requirements to solve the problem of blocking the export of vehicles as soon as possible. (author: Jianwen) read more

June 7th 8 to 9 at 18 o’clock on the three day of the province will implement a unified strict contr

provincial merit Committee for the first time in the implementation of the college entrance examination rules clear: in order to create a good test for the candidates, study, rest environment, June 7th 8 to 9 on the three day of the province will be unified implementation of strict control of noise action.

college entrance examination committee requirements, during the college entrance examination, the province should be strictly patrol around the control, purification test site surrounding environment. The public security organs shall during the entrance on the eve of the police organization and the college entrance examination, the test center, candidates concentrated accommodation and test centers around the area, a comprehensive investigation of security risks and security issues during the examination, sent a special police force to strengthen the test centers around the traffic control and security patrols, test centers around the maintenance of good order and traffic order. During the college entrance examination, the test sites around the road to prohibit the passage of vehicles or prohibit car whistle, to ensure that the test is not subject to any noise interference. For college entrance examination on the eve of the urgent need to apply for an identity card candidates should be given priority, priority hair. read more

Datong County agricultural products quality and safety supervision station set up

Recently, the county held the establishment of agricultural products quality and safety supervision and opening ceremony. Zhao Niannong, deputy director of the Provincial Department of agriculture and animal husbandry, the provincial agricultural product quality and safety supervision and Management Bureau of the county government and the main leaders attended the opening ceremony of the.

this year, the county vegetable area of 110 thousand and 400 acres (10 thousand acres of vegetables, including cropping) the total output reached 295 thousand tons, due to the application of new technology, new varieties and anti season production technology, vegetable production efficiency increased significantly, the total vegetable production reached 260 million yuan. My county vegetable products mainly meet self-sufficiency and sold to the Xining market, this year, the county’s vegetable products in the Xining market share of 28%, only a small part of the coastal areas sold outside the province. The establishment of quality and safety supervision station of agricultural products, agricultural products to improve the supervision ability and level, make the agricultural product quality safety supervision and services from the source, to ensure that our county agricultural products with excellent quality to the market, into thousands of households. At the same time, to speed up the construction of the circulation of vegetable products and sales outlets, quality inspection network, and the full implementation of the quality and safety of vegetable products back from "farm to table", to ensure that people eat safe vegetable products. (author: Sun Yinsheng) read more

Compensation 3 million 140 thousand Datong County 7 sewage companies to pay for the damaged farmlan

this year, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County Environmental Protection Bureau will focus on people’s livelihood, improve people’s livelihood as the top priority of the work. The spirit of the people in charge of the enterprise and the principle of increasing crop pollution compensation coordination efforts, as of now, mediation 7 sewage companies, to Huang Jia Zhai 5 township farmers implement crops, forest damage compensation 3 million 149 thousand yuan.

in order to protect the interests of farmers, this year, Datong invited 5 experts in agriculture and vegetable crops, involving many live view, pollution monitoring and survey evidence, for a total, Changning, Huang Jia Zhai bridge, hill and treasure 5 Township 12830.9 acres of grain, vegetables and trees, to compensate for the loss of 3 million 149 thousand yuan. Currently, 3 million 149 thousand yuan of compensation through the County Environmental Protection Bureau transferred to the accounts of the township government of the people’s government, and distributed to the hands of farmers under the supervision of the masses. read more

Chongqing Guojianglong Hot pot shop it expensive

to find authentic Hot pot brand, Chongqing is Hot pot. Chongqing hot pot is famous in the world. Such a popular set of well-known brands Hot pot, naturally not too little, if you want to choose a well-known Chongqing Hot pot shop to join, Xiaobian to recommend you Chongqing Guojianglong Hot pot.

operation of the well-known food brands –” Jianglong company; Chongqing Guojianglong Hot pot ” “, has become known to every family; star restaurant, ” Lee Hom, Sherry, Richard, Clayderman, Ono Lisa, · Jeff Chang, Mavis Fan, Christine Fan, Chyi Chin, Sa Dingding, the Manhattan Symphony Orchestra and many other well-known stars have to Guojianglong Hot pot. Franchise stores all over the country, there are more than 100, the annual output value exceeded 100 million yuan, has been among the ranks of Chongqing hot pot leader, has become China’s most valuable franchise brand.

in the Guojianglong Hot pot shop consumption per capita is how much money? read more