Entrepreneurs to open the store’s five notes

is now the development of various industries are relatively mature, in order to restart in such a market there is a certain risk. At this time the chain has become a popular way for entrepreneurs. But the opening of the franchise is not an easy thing, to investigate whether this project is not worth joining!

note: the leader to investigate joining strength of

the success rate is a problem must be considered before entrepreneurs to join the. To carry out the preliminary market research and summary, investigate the franchise business after joining the other. If there are a number of stores closed down the situation, no matter how promising entrepreneurs to join the project must give up. Because a mature system needs a long time to experience the accumulation and management system of continuous improvement, in the normal operation of the case, there will not be a number of stores closed down this situation.


two stores low threshold to be careful

the sky diaoxianbing thing, if the franchisee intends to join the franchise threshold is very low, even without any requirements, as long as you can pay the cost of joining it, we must think twice. In fact, this situation is equivalent to join a brand name, there is no professional technical training and management, personnel and financial support and help. read more

2016 Green Fair will be opened in June 20th

– the theme of "open cooperation · green development" is divided into four major theme activities, the theme of the forum and the theme of the investment activities of the eleven exhibition time for a period of 4 days

reporter learned from the provincial Commission by letter, 2016 China · Qinghai green development investment and Trade Fair (referred to as: the 2016 Green Fair), will be opened in June 20th, the exhibition time for a period of 4 days. This green fair theme of "open cooperation · green development", "around The Belt and Road" green development is divided into four theme activities, five thematic forums and eleven thematic investment activities, combined with the third ring Qinghai Lake (International) electric vehicle challenge development activities.

four theme activities

this Green Fair will continue to carry out activities around the "The Belt and Road construction. Divided into the depth into the "The Belt and Road forum," The Belt and Road great beauty of Qinghai investment environment and key project promotion, "The Belt and Road" cultural innovation development forum and the "beauty of Qinghai" Silk Road plateau tourism festival four theme activities. read more

National Development and Reform Commission in our province to carry out research and evaluation

days ago, the national development and Reform Commission city and small towns reform and development center of new towns in our province comprehensive pilot situation investigation assessment, a comprehensive understanding of experience Xining, Haidong, Golmud and Menyuan Hui Autonomous County of new urbanization to promote the pilot and the pilot process results, main problems. And the solutions and suggestions for future work.

During the period of

, the research group were assessed and pilot areas relevant departments conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions, listen to the country in shantytowns, investment and financing reform, the reform of the household registration system and other work to promote the achievements and highlights, experience and difficulties. The assessment team in Menyuan County investigation of the Quan Kou Zhen Mu vegetable base, transformation, door Hao Zhen Kangle Dong Lu shantytowns Bauhinia Garden shantytowns, the pilot work to promote the county affirmed, especially the development of ecological tourism to increase farmers’ income and wealth with the people, and agricultural products e-commerce and other aspects of the work highlights, and suggested that the county actively promote related work, to achieve production integration of the city; in the East Sea, the assessment team inspected the Ledu underground pipe gallery, Career Technical College Qinghai college, Haidong Industrial Park, new high-speed rail Huangshuihe slow system, Haidong Science Park Venture Building, that the pilot work to promote the orderly city of East Sea forceful and effective. The core area of East Sea city PPP underground pipe gallery project highlights, suggestions to further intensify reform, innovative thinking methods, provide a copy can be extended to other areas of the pilot experience; in the city of Golmud, the evaluation group survey of shantytowns and exit of the East Industrial Park, Golmud affirmed the development of circular economy concept well, farmers and herdsmen in the nearest town, health care, social security, education to make achievements. In addition, the evaluation team also conducted a survey of the West Lake District Ninghai city building, Nanchuan Industrial Park industrial development, highly highlights the work in the towns and village circulation of rural property rights system three planning in Xining city. read more

How to solve the problem of drainage and drainage in Xiamen City

in the process of the development of the city, although the economy has made a series of progress, but because many of the infrastructure has not been well improved, which led to the emergence of many problems. So, how to solve the problem of drainage and drainage in Xiamen city?

announced the "Fujian province" 13th Five-Year "urban and rural infrastructure construction planning" before five years, the province will invest one trillion yuan to improve the infrastructure of the city, Xiamen will complete the national pilot city sponge construction in 2017, people’s life will be more comfortable.

700 billion investment to build

Xiamen urban rail transit two project

in accordance with the plan, from 2016 to 2021, Xiamen urban rail transit two project will be started, with a total investment of 70 billion yuan, planning and construction of Metro Line 4, 5, line. At present, the first phase project of Xiamen city rail transit (subway line No. 3, 1, 2) has been built, the No. 1 line opened in 2017, line 2, line 3 was opened to traffic in 2019, was opened to traffic in 2020. read more

DOPA area dust pollution has been curbed

from the Xining area near the town of Xining is the main channel to the Toba Gan River Industrial park. For a long time, due to this section of the road transport muck, coal and sand and gravel trucks, and even to the city of Xining in the area caused by varying degrees of two dust pollution.

in order to improve the quality of air traffic in the region, the road traffic disorder and poor sanitation. Over the past few days, the local government departments on the 109 National Road and the sidewalk sections of the comprehensive treatment of the disease, in the construction of green belts on both sides of the State Highway 109, along the road along the ground. In order to avoid causing dust pollution in the construction, to ensure that every 3 hours of sprinkler dust, effectively improve the dust pollution. To increase capital investment, improve the living environment at the same time, the local government departments joint police, transportation management, urban management and other law enforcement departments to carry out joint remediation of environmental violations. In the meantime, the cumulative investigation and punishment of illegal vehicles 260, shutting down 14 coal sites, crack down on straw burning in autumn. After a period of remediation, the dust pollution in the region to be curbed. (author: Zhao Junjie)
  read more

Folk artists send laughter to Xining Ming will hold two special performances

from August 14th to 15, China Artists Association Jiang Kun, Zhou Wei Dai Zhicheng, will, Guo Da, Gao Fang, Han, Inverness high poly, Qizhi and Jiao Jiandong dozen famous performing artists. "Chinese Artists Association of literary volunteer service group" in our province, held two "send laughter" into the Qinghai Xining to show, people loved folk art form for people of all nationalities in our province brought laughter and auspicious blessings.

the performances by the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, China Artists Association and the Provincial Federation jointly organized activities to "adhere to the grass-roots level, people’s sincere service" as the theme, "patriotic, people, Zonta, Shang Yi" for the purpose of volunteer spirit vigorously promote the dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress. The organization of literary and art workers masses, in-depth life, real feelings of people of all ethnic groups in Qinghai construction of new Qinghai, creating a new life together to achieve the dream, Chinese spirit. read more

East Village two committees general characteristics 4

from the East District of the district was informed that the village (neighborhood) party general election as "an important content to strengthen the base construction, grasp the promotion by grasping the key, grasping norms, and further stimulate, highlighting the construction of grass-roots party organization activities. Up to now, the region’s 30 neighborhood committees and 15 village Party organizations have successfully completed the general work.

orderly procedures. The election of the office of the leading group of the village (neighborhood) election work flow chart, carry out a demonstration point to learn, methods and steps of the reunification of the "direct election", unified work process, a clear focus, to ensure that every aspect of law, in accordance with regulations and order. The international community neighborhood committee Mo Er yuan a retirement party said: reflect the general level of the grass-roots party organization work greatly enhance the masses of Party members of the community’s sense of identity and belonging, as Party members, should be more involved in community construction.

read more

23 road the use of new buses delivered 25

In October 1st, the city’s 23 road and 25 road two bus lines to replace all the new car is expected this month before the end of the city will also be a part of the line to replace the new bus.

I now in addition to the 2 Road, 9 Road, 25 road to the train station and five buses, more than 1 thousand vehicles of existing bus company in 80% is in the extended service, the condition is generally poor, the failure rate is relatively high, affecting the public, at the same time due to the shortage of the bus driver, also affected the normal operation of the vehicle. City bus company in order to alleviate the public travel difficult, the rush hour in the city bus line, to ensure the normal operation of the case, the mobilization of all running vehicles on the road, try to compress scheduled intervals. The municipal government attaches great importance to the city bus company problems, specifically allocated a portion of the funds raised by the city bus company, part of the funds, the purchase of 407 buses, improve public travel environment. It is reported that the first batch of 23 road and 25 road two bus line 56 has been put into operation, and at the end of the month, is expected to have 200 new buses put into operation. In addition to the above two lines, the city bus company also plans to 11 lines on the city’s 1 road, 3 Road, 4 road, 6 road, 15 road, 17 Road, 20 road, 26 Road, 30 Road, 33 Road, 34 road bus is updated, the total will reach 407 units, which will greatly improve the bus operation and passenger capacity, to a certain extent will ease the hard drive. read more

48 units outstanding youth rights Kong

in order to further promote the province "Outstanding Youth Rights Kong service platform construction, strengthen our province youth legal publicity and education work, in December 22nd, the province’s" Outstanding Youth Rights Kong "and" youth created to promote the construction of the rule of law in Qinghai one of the four "summary of the meeting, the province’s 48 units was named" Outstanding Youth Rights kong".

to carry out the creation of "Outstanding Youth Rights Kong", "People’s Republic of China is carrying out and implementing the law on the protection of minors", "People’s Republic of China juvenile crime prevention law", safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of young people, an important measure to ensure the healthy growth of young people. The meeting summed up in recent years, our Province Youth Rights Kong create achievements and experience, the next step to perfect the mechanism, promote the rights Kong law enforcement unit to perform their duties, relying on social forces to participate in creating, promoting Youth Rights Kong in-depth legal education has made arrangements. The meeting stressed that attaches great importance to the protection of the rights and interests of young people, to strengthen the management of key youth groups, comprehensively promote the work of the institutionalization, standardization, and effectively reduce the rate of juvenile delinquency. read more

On behalf of the activities of the representative day

from the recent research situation, food and drug regulatory work involves a number of departments, I would like to ask the county food and drug supervision mechanism and system is what? How to solve the problems such as excessive pesticide production, food safety hidden trouble in the campus, weak drug supervision and so on?" Chen Ping took the lead in food and drug safety issues to the competent authorities to ask questions, opened a prelude to the people’s Congress of the county government day activities.

"government day" is the 6 consecutive year in Datong County held a National People’s Congress activities month to take the way of the forum, the first innovation of a new form of representative activities. 11 delegates around the hot and difficult is related to people’s livelihood and economic and social development, the content involves 13 issues of education, land, forestry, and other aspects of the price level and put forward questions on behalf of the scene, tell the truth, tell the truth, objective and fair, direct point. "House" and 8 government departments responsible person to accept the supervision of the National People’s Congress of the people, from the perspective of service, on behalf of the questions one by one to answer truthfully, the activities are always filled with a harmonious, lively and vivid atmosphere of democracy. read more

Chinese summer tourism circle culture

To create "Chinese xiadou" tourism circle, highlight the "cool, ecological and cultural characteristics of the brand, the tourism sector in our city to promote cultural connotation through the development of the tourism industry, the tourism products, catering, special national culture facilities, building a number of neighborhood characteristics, to create a distinctive the cultural characteristics of tourism city.

it is understood that this year, the city will improve tourism through the six elements to enhance the city’s tourism function, the formation of a number of appropriate tour function area. The district will play the unique features and advantages, the depth of the development and construction of the Kumbum Monastery, old hill, Dan in the ancient city, Beishan Mountain, rich connotation of religious culture on earth and the original ecological scenic scenic core brand, mining potential cultural connotation; according to local conditions, the development of a number of rural tourism and leisure tourism projects, the development of rural tourism; dig Hehuang farming culture, the development of folk cultural activities, folk ice ice and Snow Festival and other activities, the development of a number of distinctive characteristics of autumn and winter tourism products; the construction of tourism merchandise and souvenirs shopping venues, planning and construction of a number of neighborhood characteristics, to create a distinctive landscape of the city, Xining city to further enrich the structure of tourism products. According to the person in charge of the City Tourism Bureau, the city has built 6 large tourist shopping venues and the characteristics of the shopping street of the 2, foster tourism production enterprises of the 21, tourism commodities franchise stores in more than and 190. The next step will be through standardized travel agencies, tourism and other tourism companies, such as passenger market, accelerate the transformation of the hotel to enhance the intensity, through the discount, to replace the award and other measures to enhance the hospitality and hospitality services. Comprehensive opening of the main tourist routes leading to the main area of the city, to promote the city’s tourism transport bus. (author: Fang Xu) read more

Pollution is not in place will be issued supervision proposals

November 4th to 6, Municipal Committee and Secretary Ma Haiying led the Municipal Supervision Bureau, Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau and other departments, has to the comprehensive improvement of air pollution inspection and supervision of Datong County and Huangyuan County, Huang Zhongxian. Ma Haiying stressed that the air pollution control should dare to move really tough action, measures must be taken very, very, very efforts to implement the very responsibility, to establish a normal mechanism, not to discuss, without conditions, each responsibility unit must be put in place of the rectification requirements, who and air pollution can not go, just like organization who can not go, the Municipal Supervision Bureau and the municipal office to treat gas rectification requirements of the inspection, supervision is not in place, the slow-moving areas and units, Supervision Bureau issued supervision proposal.

check, in Datong County Li Changzheng sand and gravel site without enclosure, road hardening, no slag, not covered without watering dust sedimentation and clean-up is not timely garbage incineration; Bao Xi Cun brick field as clay brick field is still not closed; Yihua carbide slag dumps are 100 thousand tons of calcium carbide slag cleaning, but the coverage has not been fully in place, and the west of Huangzhong County town of Huaneng thermal power construction site without walls, bare surface, road entrance and field area not hardened, not watering dust; Qinghai Huangyuan highway engineering construction company Tonghai mixing station material not warehousing storage, garbage road is not completely hardened Huangyuan County landfill and uncompacted coverage, deodorization device is not set; Wantong not Weidang, sand and gravel roads not hardened, not covered, sand raw materials without watering dust. Questions, Ma Haiying requirements, construction must meet the requirements of environmental protection and control of air pollution in Xining city "5 per cent" mandatory, city and county related departments to access and strict, supervision should be in place to carry out remediation, eliminated according to the requirements of governance, the stop stop, the customs clearance, not keep the enterprise should be completely banned, enterprises must keep rectification in place to ensure the realization of standardized operation, the city’s air and water pollution comprehensive management target. On the gravel deposit field, coal field, small lime kiln and other enterprises, to make reasonable planning according to the requirements of environmental protection and the needs of the market, the site should be away from residential areas, urban areas, but also to supervision functions.   read more

College students to inject new vitality into the community

in September 9th, Li Shuzhen, a student majoring in Applied Psychology at Qinghai National University, came to the South Shanxi community with a nervous and excited heart, and began her social work. The same day, like her 15 college students into the Urban District Employment Bureau to provide practical community practice base for their employment experience.

saw Li Shuzhen in the southern Shanxi community reporter, she told reporters that the specialty of applied psychology where she learned that psychological counseling and interpersonal knowledge, but to the community after the discovery, the knowledge and practical work there is a big gap between hope, she will be able to learn to practice in this period the community practice, and provides some experience for future employment.

signed a two-year contract with the community probation, has been working in the community a year of college students Bi Zhenzhen said, just to the community when facing the grassroots, unfamiliar faces, trivial work, feel what is not dry, slowly in the community to use office software, skilled use of office equipment. By dealing with the residents of the masses, their ability to communicate with people has been greatly improved in the community to learn a lot of textbooks can not go to school, for the future to lay a good foundation for their employment. read more

Frugality has become the theme of this year’s Mid Autumn Festival

Mid Autumn Festival has passed, people still immersed in a joyous festival atmosphere, compared with previous years, the Mid Autumn Festival this year, some of the less extravagant, some more frugal taste, people have to take practical action to practice thrift is not wasted.

Mid Autumn Festival upscale restaurant neglected

before the Mid Autumn Festival, the city bustling upscale restaurants, upscale restaurants of the Mid Autumn Festival family reunion dinner had been booked, the public simply moves slightly slower to book. But this year, the city people in many high-end restaurants are scanty, but is low in the restaurant is full of his family came to the dining public, especially the Hot pot shop business is hot, all meals over the Mid Autumn Festival, laughing and talking, lively and extraordinary.

moon cake according to sell no longer weigh

in the near Mid Autumn Festival, the moon cake supermarket counter packed to buy moon cake by Jin people, always feel that buy some moon cakes to the mid autumn festival atmosphere, however, after buying back the family to eat up to one or two, the rest of the moon cake will be set aside. In this year, businesses launched by selling moon cake sales strategy, the public is also very welcome this approach, who would like to eat moon cakes will buy a few, do not want to eat less to buy a few, even has a family of three people according to their tastes only three blocks. In this way, not only to avoid waste, but also facilitate the public. read more

Every citizen should become the guardian of pollution

November 8th "Xining Evening News" public politics published reports "difficult" why waste incineration caused the author to think about, garbage incineration may seem like a small thing, but when it becomes a repeated phenomenon, when its pollution to the atmospheric environment, when it hurt the masses the physical and mental health, it is not a trivial thing.The

Business should be careful not to break into traps

entrepreneurial trap, for now the market is concerned, there are a lot of factors threatening everyone, we now have a look at what entrepreneurial factors are troubling you. As long as we take the protective glasses, you can find the mystery.

: Join trap

There are two kinds of

1 "covering money" phenomenon commonly quanqian strategy:

(1), a high agency fee to achieve the purpose of misappropriating; (2), not joining fees, require a lot of distribution agents to achieve the purpose of misappropriating.

read more

nheritance and development of folk paper cut

to further strengthen the folk paper-cut culture, and increase the protection and development of folk paper-cut. Chaoyang Street organization more than 10 people participated in the north of the city in 2012 folk paper-cut training classes. Through this training, the cultivation of the district more paper-cut enthusiasts, and further enrich the cultural life of the masses of the area.

Precise poverty alleviation from the education force more than three students love to visit Beijing

9 1, by the Qiushi magazine and Beijing Youth Politics College jointly organized by the 2016 multi students to participate in the Beijing, "love" theme of the successful completion of the educational activities of the end of three. The "three love" Education Beijing activity is "seeking truth" magazine and the Beijing Youth Politics College General Secretary Xi Jinping to implement precise poverty alleviation, precise poverty, create the political significance, educational and social influence, effective way to promote the development of basic education in minority areas, ethnic minority areas to change the backwardness of the new model is helping our province in the exploration of educational aid. "Three love" theme education activities in our province caused a warm response.

Li Jintai, deputy director of the Bureau of education, Xining, Huangzhong, said, "three love" theme of educational activities, is a cultural exchange and collision, but also a spiritual assistance to children in poor areas of the plateau! The children from the heart of perception, feeling, touching, we can see the children of hope in the future from the shadow activities, especially the children on the future vision of the firm belief and desire, believe that the development of the Tibetan children shoulder the mission, today is the hope, tomorrow is the pillar. read more

Electricity sector to protect the Mid Autumn Festival National Day electricity supply

For the protection of urban and rural residents and important units in the "Mid Autumn Festival", "National Day" period for safe electricity, reliable electricity, satisfaction of electricity, the State Grid Qinghai electric power company in the early action, ensure the 95598 power customer service hotline 24 hours smooth basis, the organization of more than 2000 employees to carry out power protection, power supply and service. Continue to carry out inspections of facilities of power supply, timely repair, specification handle customer complaints and reports, to build a safe and harmonious environment for the supply and use of electricity. According to the State Grid Qinghai power dispatching center estimates, this year’s Mid Autumn Festival, National Day period, the Qinghai power grid is expected to be the maximum load of 8 million 350 thousand kilowatts, the gap of about 300 million kwh electricity. In this regard, the company to play the advantages of large-scale power grid configuration resources, coordination of electricity from Sichuan, Gansu, Xinjiang, three provinces as a supplement to ensure adequate supply of electricity in the province during the holiday season. At the same time, the company ahead of the preparation of the Mid Autumn Festival, national day during the protection of power supply plan and contingency plans for the deployment of key lines and equipment to carry out special inspections, maintenance work. Following the completion of the Qinghai Tibet networking project, DC (Qinghai section) annual maintenance tasks, the company has been on the 93 key lines in the province conducted a special inspection, as of September 3rd, a total investigation and rectification of hidden dangers, defects. In addition, the company has completed 120 of the province’s emergency vehicles, emergency vehicles in advance of the maintenance and inspection of the 13, and in the designated place on standby to ensure timely and effective disposal of sudden failure.   read more