Live updates: Raiders collapse again, lose to Dolphins

first_img(CLICK HERE, if you are unable to view this photo gallery on your mobile device.) It would probably be a good idea for Oakland to put some pressure … Get live updates, news and analysis as the winless Raiders hope to get their first win in the new Jon Gruden regime when they travel to face the Dolphins in Miami on Sunday at 10 a.m.Oakland’s recent history in the East Coast time zone doesn’t offer a whole lot of hope — the Raiders have lost 21 of their last 26 games on the East Coast.last_img

SAA, Boeing in biofuel partnership

first_img14 October 2013 South African Airways (SAA) and US aerospace giant Boeing are to work together to develop and implement a sustainable aviation biofuel supply chain in southern Africa, a first for the continent. The companies signed a memorandum of understanding at the Corporate Council on Africa’s 9th Biennial US-Africa Business Summit in Chicago last week. “South African Airways is taking the lead in Africa on sustainable aviation fuels and, by setting a best practice example, can positively shape aviation biofuel efforts in the region,” Ian Cruickshank, SAA’s head of group environmental affairs, said in a statement. “By working with Boeing’s sustainable aviation biofuel team, which has a history of successful partnerships to move lower-carbon biofuels closer to commercialization, we will apply the best global technology to meet the unique conditions of southern Africa, diversify our energy sources and create new opportunities for the people of South Africa.” According to the two companies, flight tests show that biofuel, which is derived from organic sources such as plants or algae, performs as well as or better than petroleum-based jet fuel. “When produced in sustainable ways, biofuel contributes far less to global climate change than traditional fuels, because carbon dioxide is pulled out of the atmosphere by a growing plant-based feedstock,” the companies said. Aviation biofuel refined to required standards has been approved for a blend of up to 50 percent with traditional jet fuel. Globally, more than 1 500 passenger flights using biofuel have been flown since the fuel was approved. Boeing has collaborated extensively with airlines, research institutions and governments to develop plans for biofuel supply chains in several countries and regions, including the US, China, Australia and Brazil. The partnership with SAA will be the first such project in Africa. “Boeing and SAA believe that new developments in technology will enable the conversion of biomass into jet fuel in a more sustainable manner without competing with other sectors for food and water resources.” The World Wildlife Fund-South Africa will monitor the partnership to ensure that the fuel being used “is sustainable and would lead to genuine carbon reductions”. SAinfo reporterlast_img read more

The Andersons Ethanol bringing solutions to producers

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest The Andersons Ethanol of Greenville stays busy year round.Oho Ag Net’s Dale Minyo recently spoke with Janelle Brinksneader about the unique business, tools they’re offering to help producers, and the state of the ethanol industry.Learn more at

Google Wave Use Cases: Arts & Filmmaking

first_imgWhy Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market richard macmanus ConclusionIt’s clearly early days for the artistic community in Wave. There’s a fair bit of discussion on possible uses for Wave, mostly around collaborating on artistic projects. But not much actual collaboration on projects happening yet.Filmmaking appears to be the most likely to gain traction in the short-medium term. So we’ll check back on progress in 6-12 months. Yesterday we looked at how Google Wave (a new product that is part email, part IM, part something entirely new) is being used as an educational tool. In this post we explore if and how Wave is being used by the artistic community. This topic was suggested by Cory Huff, a commenter on the first post, who noted: “I’ve been looking for artists to Wave with, as I think artistic collaboration has some possibilities.” We discovered that there is excitement about the potential for artistic collaboration using Wave. However the level of actual collaboration activity is still very low. Here’s what we found…Wave & The ArtsWe saw in yesterday’s post that Wave is being used by educators mostly as a real-time collaborative note-taking tool. For artists, there is similar potential to use Wave as a collaborative creative tool. Cory Huff suggested a real time painting app that allows visual artists to work together on a new project, or an event planning tool for Art events. Right now, there doesn’t appear to be much artistic activity on Wave. The closest we could find was a public wave called ‘Artists Wave,’ created by Fernando Fonseca and others. That wave lists some videos, pictures and music works – which at least shows off Wave’s multimedia features. However there was little evidence of collaboration, for example more than one person creating a new piece of art.Wave & FilmmakingThere was more activity in Wave around filmmaking. Jonathan Poritsky wrote a post back in June outlining his thoughts on how Wave could streamline the movie-making process – specifically, post production workflows. He’s now made that post into a wave called ‘Google Wave for Filmmakers: Wave Edition.’ The following chart depicts how Poritsky conceptually sees Wave being used in filmmaking. In a nutshell, all of the participants in the filmmaking process would use Wave to collaborate. In Poritsky’s words, “every job and step passes through the wave.” Related Posts center_img Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Tags:#Product Reviews#web A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Poritsky admits that “not all of this is possible yet,” because it requires faster computers and network technology to process such large video files in real-time. However he says that “the basic precepts of digital editing could actually be done over a network today.”Ultimately Poritsky is bullish on using Wave in filmmaking because “cinema is a collaborative art form.” He cites the huge credits list at the end of every movie as proof of that.Sanctuary: Short Film Using Wave An early example of a filmmaking wave is a short film called Sanctuary. Their wave is entitled ‘Sanctuary – remixable film – dev wave.’Sanctuary is a “re-mixable Science fiction film” directed by Michela Ledwidge. It’s been in production for a number of years, due to budget issues. The film is currently in post-production and Ledwidge is attempting to use Wave to assist with that process. Wave has a couple of geeky features that may be used by the Sanctuary team. One is ‘gadgets,’ which are add-ons similar to the mini web applications you can install in your Firefox browser. Sanctuary is looking for two gadgets: a Shot tracker UI and a “Production lingo translator.”Another feature of Wave is ‘robots.’ These are automated participants on a wave. A robot, according to Google, “can read the contents of a wave in which it participates, modify the wave’s contents, add or remove participants, and create new blips and new waves.” Sanctuary is looking for the following two robots: an “AI character bot” and a “trac notifications integration” (to show different shots from the movie).As of now, the Sanctuary wave doesn’t have much collaboration around the actual film in it – but this may change if the desired gadgets and robots get developed and deployed.last_img read more

CWG a ‘dark comedy’, says Madhur Bhandarkar

first_imgThe Commonwealth Games, which are under fire from all quarters, today were on Bollywood radar too with filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar comparing the October event with a dark comedy.”I think a dark comedy film title Games is being played in CWG where bridge is collapsing, ceiling coming down,” Bhandarkar tweeted.Actor Arjun Rampal, tweeted, Rs 70,000 crore spent on CWG, Sensex shoots past 20K but poverty line in India stays constant. Is this a democracy or just plain hypocrisy?”Shilpa Shetty said that it was a great opportunity to make the country proud but unfortunately CWG has not brought us the pride and honor we though it would.In a major embarrassment for organisers, an under-construction foot over bridge collapsed yesterday outside the Jawaharlal Nehru stadium, the main venue of the Commonwealth Games.last_img

The Critical Elements of Online Media Companies A QA With Jim Bankoff

first_imgA week from today, Jim Bankoff, chairman and CEO of Vox Media, will take the stage at FOLIO:’s premiere annual conference: The MediaNext Show. As keynote speaker and head of one of the largest and fastest growing independent online media companies, Bankoff will connect the magazine publishing industry’s traditional identity with the new realities of a fast-paced, multimedia landscape.Here, FOLIO: catches up with Bankoff [pictured] to explore the critical elements of running an online media company and where the new disrupters lie for the digital content market.FOLIO: Describe, in the context of Vox, the core, most critical elements of an online media company—from the way you produce your content to the way it’s promoted and consumed by your audience. Jim Bankoff: The core, critical elements of an online media company are giving audiences quality content and quality advertising that they can consume and enjoy in any setting and on any platform. We believe we’re doing that across the board at Vox. As I noted in LinkedIn, “Web consumers and advertisers crave a higher value journalism and storytelling, and it’s our challenge as publishers and creators to meet that demand.Vox believes fulfilling this demand for quality at scale is an enormous business opportunity. We publish three flagship brands all of which are committed to reinventing quality storytelling and journalism in a manner that is native to the Web. SB Nation (and its 300+ sports communities), The Verge and Polygon are producing magazine-caliber content in sports, tech/culture and gaming on an everyday basis, around the clock—merging old fashioned principles like integrity, design, research and creativity with the new palette of digital media: multimedia, mobility, community and real-time updates. We have even developed our own technology platform, Chorus, to empower the voices of Web-native storytellers and their audiences and advertisers with cutting-edge tools for their craft.”We’ve built on great editorial content with a great design and development team and have embraced responsive design so that consuming Vox is always a satisfying experience no matter what platform you’re on.FOLIO: What are the key revenue trends you’re seeing in the online publishing market? And how are you positioning your brands accordingly for the year ahead?Bankoff: The online advertising market is experiencing two opposing trends: commoditization of inventory sold to direct marketers via programmatic exchanges and native advertising/custom integration bought by premium brand advertisers. Our business is squarely in the latter camp with marketers seeking a customized experience that fits their brand and their message. We’ve been doing that at Vox Media for several years, starting with our first property SB Nation where we have featured sponsored editorial content since 2006. FOLIO: Tactically, how are you driving community interaction and engagement with your brands?Bankoff: Our brands have always had loyal and engaged readers. In 2012 alone, we saw readers consume 820MM+ minutes of our content. They’re interested in our writing and reporting, but also our video content and the places we allow them to interact with each other like our forums, comment section, social pages and areas for user-generated content. The key to our success is our underlying proprietary media stack, called Chorus, which enables our creative teams, our audiences and our advertisers to engage with one another in the context of professional and user generated story telling. By being a technology-driven media company, we can iterate quickly and respond to the ever-evolving needs of brands and consumers.FOLIO: What are the new “disrupters” for the digital content market? What is compelling you to re-examine your operation?Bankoff: The new disrupter for the digital content market is the idea that there’s no such thing as a single homepage anymore. The days when media experiences were linked via big portals and their email screens is gone. We discover great content via social recommendations, expert curators, search algorithms and a variety of other sources. Consumers are grabbing content from all over, and it’s crucial that publishers be everywhere. At Vox we have social feeds, partnerships with other media organizations and presences on apps like Flipboard. We want to be everywhere consumers are.The MediaNext Show will be held January 8-10 in New York City at the Marriott Marquis. For more information on the show and to register click here.last_img read more

Have Hyderabadi cricketers actually been treated unfairly

first_imgVVS Laxman’s retirement came all of a sudden in 2012ReutersAmidst all the debate that took place around the absence of Ambati Rayudu and Rishabh Pant from the Indian ICC 2019 World Cup squad, what stood out most was Rayudu’s tweet. But even more interesting was the retweet by another out-of-favour Indian cricketer – Pragyan Ojha.The left-arm spinner last represented India in Sachin Tendulkar’s farewell series against West Indies in late-2013. Interestingly, he was the man-of-the-match in his last Test. Ojha retweeted the comments of Rayudu and added his own views to it.Now, Ojha didn’t reveal who are those ‘Hyderabadi cricketers’ that have been in ‘similar situations.’ But does he have a point when he suggests that cricketers belonging to this proud city have had a raw deal?If we look at the most prominent cricketers from Hyderabad, one can find grievances that all of them can have. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that there is any systematic bias against these cricketers. However, let’s first look at these prominent names and their possible complaints.Mohammad AzharuddinIt is very difficult to have sympathy for this legendary batsman from Hyderabad. After all, many would say it were his own actions that led to his career ending in disgrace. While the courts may have acquitted him and there are not any official sanctions against the former India captain, he still carries the taint of match-fixing. However, he can carry the grouse of not being allowed to play his 100th Test and being forced to end his career with 99. Of course, that is a partisan view.VVS LaxmanOne of the most aesthetically pleasing players in the world and a true match-winner, Laxman’s exit from the team was very, very surprising (pun intended). In 2012, he was picked in the Indian Test side to face New Zealand in a two-match home series. But all of a sudden, VVS announced his retirement. Speculation was rife that he had been told by the selectors that this would be his last series and he responded by ending his career himself. How much truth there was in these rumours, we don’t know. But it has to be said that Laxman’s form had declined substantially in the last year of his career and his place in the team was under doubt. But for hard-core fans of the batting wizard, that won’t be any consolation. Pragyan Ojha (L) put out a tweet suggesting Hyderabadi players getting a raw dealBCCIPragyan OjhaNow we come to the main aggrieved party. Does Ojha have reason to feel hurt by the selectors? He certainly does. The Orissa-born cricketer had become a regular member of the Indian Test team by late 2010 and was acting as a deputy to Harbhajan Singh. But for some reason, Indian selectors convinced themselves that he cannot do well on non-Asian pitches. Every time India needed a second spinner outside the sub-continent, they went to Amit Mishra – be it the South Africa tour of 2010-11 or England tour of 2011.Ojha, in order to prove his worth on non-friendly pitches, played a season of county cricket for Surrey in 2011. Even the former India captain Sourav Ganguly was impressed with his performances in English conditions. But the selectors kept ignoring him and when they decided to replace Ashwin during the South Africa tour of 2013, they went to Ravindra Jadeja and not Ojha.But even before that, the left-arm spinner was getting a raw deal from his team. After emerging as India’s best bowler in the four-Test series against England in 2012, he was dropped for the first two matches of the next series – vs Australia. Imagine the highest run-scorer from a series getting dropped for the first half of the next series. It seems impossible but this is exactly what Ojha faced.His problem got compounded when the ICC decided to crack down upon suspicious bowling actions and he too had to undergo remodelling. But since then, Ojha has made a comeback but without the selectors giving him another opportunity. So, one can understand why he feels aggrieved. Among all the Hyderabadi cricketers, it’s this one who has been treated most unfairly by the selectors and team management.last_img read more